Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Haircut and new apron!

Today was a good day! I was able to get a new haircut and I got a new cute apron! I got my haircut at MaryAnne's Salon. The best part is that she lives just 2 minutes from me and I love that! MaryAnne always does a great job! Those of you in EM she's awesome and so close by! So here is the picture of the new hairdo!

And who doesn't love a cute apron? I want to go bake something right now so I can wear it! Catey (also very talented and just 2 minutes away) made this cute apron for me and it was only $20! Have you seen how much these cost in the mall...this is an AWESOME DEAL! So here is a picture of it! I do love it so!
Yipee for great days! And yipee that my hubby is home sitting by me! :) Life is to be enjoyed! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Always love a night out with the Ladies!

Wow I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since I last had a blog post...probably because well...nothing exciting has been happening. We've just been busy with life and had our round of the flu.

But tonight I got to go to the General Relief Society meeting up at the conference center in Salt Lake. There were 12 of us that went up and we had a good time. We went to eat at Cafe Rio and then went to the meeting. We had a great time and I enjoyed the conference session.
This is the best picture I could get and there are a few ladies missing or hiding...maybe they did that on purpose...hmmmm??? Not my favorite picture of me and after seeing it I now realize I have to loose a good 20 lbs...good thing I bought a punch pass to work out....there may be hope!

We had a wonderful time. It is always wonderful to go and be uplifted. And of course it is always fun to have a girls night out!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shopping Time

Madilyn loves to go through the cupboards and take things out and put things in them. The other day she decided she needed to go shopping and she took almost everything out of the cupboard and put it in her shopping cart. It was so cute! She is always making us laugh and has something to do on her mind! Here is a short video.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stiches or Special Doctor Bandaids

Yesterday we were ready for a fun filled friday evening as a family. We started out by going to go play tennis. We were so excited to go play, especially Katelyn. We got to the tennis courts and opened the gate to get in. Katelyn ran in and the gate stopped and she ran right into the gate latch. Here is a picture of what type of gate latch it was

Of course there was blood gushing all over...luckily we have a first aid kit in the van and we were able to get her cleaned up and try to put a butterfly bandaid on it. We weren't sure if she needed stiches...but I decided to call the doctor and set up an appointment to get it checked out. We were able to get into the after hours clinic at 7:10. We were already halfway to AF so we stayed at the courts and Daddy and his friend Brandon played some tennis while we waited for our appointment. Katelyn was such a trooper and even played some tennis with Mommy while we waited. We went into the doctor and he said she needed stiches. Katelyn hates stiches (she had them before) and was freaking out. Once she got the shot she asked if she was just getting a bandaid and we said stiches and she started freaking out again. So I told her she was getting a special doctor bandaids and she sat still for all 5 stiches without any problems! She did awesome!

Here is pictures of her with the stiches

She is so silly!
All was ok cuz we got to go get a toy after because she did so awesome and didn't fight the doctor! She is a trooper! Hopefully because we got the stiches her beautiful face will heal and not scar. The doctor did a fantastic job and took great care in what he was doing to do all he could so it wouldn't scar.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

First Day of Pre-school!

Well it has been quite an exciting past few weeks here in the Wright Home! We are in full swing now and I wonder how in the world my mom handled 8 kids all going different places at the same time! I feel like all I do is drive kids to school, practices, and games.

Our little Mayli started pre-school today at Tikes Learning Center. She is the only girl in her class and I'm sure she loves it! She had a great time today. She felt like such a big girl doing what Katelyn did last year at Miss Karen's school. Mayli goes in the morning and loves everyminute of it. Here are some pictures of her before and after her 1st day! They sure grow up fast!

Mayli all dressed and ready to head to school

She loves having a backpack just like Kate!

Mayli walking to the house after we got back from school

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Soccer time!

Katelyn started soccer a couple weeks ago! We are so excited for her! They needed a coach and assistant coach for the team and Mike and I volunteered. So Mike is the coach and I'm the assistant coach. We have such fun kids on our team and have a blast coaching them. Here are a few pictures from their most recent game! They are a great team and we have so much fun!

Coach talking to the kids before kick off!
Katelyn is #5 she is kicking the ball (well running after it after kicking it) in this picture!

The kids in action! They do a great job!