Monday, February 28, 2011

Juliet is a Month Old!

Juliet turned 1 month old today! She is getting so big yet she is still so small. She is so sweet and we are so happy to have her in our family! Here is a picture of her at 1 month.

This is Juliet's favorite way to be held right now. She probably is almost 8lbs now and 21-22 inches long. She is a good nurser and eats about every 2-3 hours. She is patient and seems to know that sometimes I need to take care of her sisters and she will wait patiently to eat most of the time. She loves to grunt and is always grunting after she eats. She has cooed a few times and is always smiling in her sleep. She spits up at least 1 time a day if not more and usually at least once it is projectile spit up and a lot. So normally she goes through a couple outfits and blankets a day and I am usually in the line of fire too. She is sleeping pretty good at night and usually is up 2 times usually once between 2am-3am and once between 5am-7am. Her sisters absolutely love her and are always asking to hold her. She has already spit up on Kate once and Mayli once. She is a sweet baby and we love her so much!

It's been a crazy whirlwind of a month. The house is messy, the laundry is piled up, I'm exhausted, and my dinner is usually cold...but for now I'm content spending most of my time doing this:
Happy 1 month birthday baby girl! We love you!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pictures of the Last Few Weeks

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks.
Juliet's tiny feet.
Madi loves to hold Jewels!

My sweet mom came to my rescue a week after I had Juliet. There is something about having my mom here that makes having a baby easier. There is something inside that makes me yearn for my mother to come and mother me as I mother my new child. She helps out so much. She cleans the house, does the laundry, cooks dinner, holds the baby, tends the other children, and is just there to talk to and listen to me. The last one is so important after having a just have someone to sit there to talk to is so healing. She stayed with us for a little over a week and we enjoyed every moment of it! Thanks so much Mom I could never survive having children without you!

My dad came to pick up my mom and he brought down Kenna, Sarah, Caleb, and Sam. Here is a picture of Kenna and Juliet. It was fun to see everyone and have them meet Juliet for the first time.

Here is my wonderful father and Juliet. He had to wear his sunglasses inside because his eyes are bothering him. He is probably going to have to get another cornea transplant soon. Love you Daddy!

Here is Mayli and Juliet...she loves to cuddle with her.

One morning I was getting Kate off to school and when I came over to check on Juliet this is what I found. Madilyn loves Juliet and loves to talk to her, hold her, and give her kisses.

Such tiny hands and fingers.

Our beautiful baby girl.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Katelyn Got Glasses

We decided to take Katelyn in to the eye doctor to see if she might need glasses. She has been having a hard time reading and we wanted to see if that might be why. I took her in on Wednesday and she did need glasses. Kate is farsighted but her right eye has 20/20 vision and her left eye has 20/25. So the problem is that when she trys to focus, her right eye will focus but then her left eye is out of focus. So if she trys to focus her left eye her right eye will go out of focus. So she's always only been able to see well out of 1 eye. The doctor said we were really lucky because most of the time a person will develop a lazy eye because they only focus the one eye and the other one doesn't get focused enough so it becomes lazy. We are so blessed she has been able to use it enough to prevent that. The glasses will help prevent that from happening in the future. So I'm really glad we decided to take her in.
She picked out her own glasses and she was super excited to get them. We picked them up yesterday and she looks super cute! We are hoping that this helps out with her reading.
We also found out that she has a bulging optic disc in her left eye. Another reason I'm so glad we took her in. The doctor took a picture of the inside of her eye and found that in her left eye her optic disc is bulging a bit. She could have been born this way or it could mean that there is some pressure on her optic nerve from her brain. Which if that was the case would not be good. But she doesn't have any of the other symptoms so we need to just keep a close watch on her and take her in if any of the other symptoms develop. She will need to be checked every year to make sure that it isn't getting bigger. I'm so thankful to live in a place where we have such great medical professionals who take such great care of their patients! Kate loves her new glasses and we love that they will help her.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Trip to Primary Children's

Juliet had her 2 week appointment today at our pediatricians office. She is growing very well. When we left the hospital she weighed 6 lbs 4 oz and today she weighed 7 lbs 1 oz. She is growing very well. She is now 21 inches long. She is getting big but is still so tiny! She is an angel and we've had her with us already 2 weeks! This morning I fed her before heading off to the doctor and she ended up spiting up a lot. A little while later she spit up again but this time it was a green color not white. I was concerned so at the appointment I told her doctor and he said we needed to make sure that there was no blockage in her tummy because she was throwing up bile. So they called over to Primary Children's Outpatient in Riverton and set up an appointment for us to run over there and make sure she was ok.

Here she is all wrapped up before getting her tests done.

Here is another picture of her under the machine.
They gave her some barium and then proceeded to take x-rays and see how it ran through her body. We could see the liquid going through her. They checked her intestines to make sure that they weren't twisted. Everything looked good there. Then they checked her stomach opening to make sure that was connected correctly. It was connected correctly so, so far she was looking great! We then watched to see if she had reflux. After a few minutes we could see the liquid going back up her throat and then go back down. So they were able to confirm that she does have reflux. They prescribed Prevacid for her and that will help her not be in so much pain everytime she eats. We were so grateful she was ok and that there were no major issues. We are so blessed to live in a wonderful place where we are so close to so many wonderful hospitals and experts to make sure all is well with our baby.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Juliet Celeste Wright

Juliet Celeste Wright was born January 28, 2011. She was born at 5:21pm and was 6lbs 13oz and 19.5 inches long. She was pink and perfect! Her apgar score was a 10. She has been as sweet as ever since she was born.

A picture of Juliet a few hours after she was born.

Here is a picture of me during labor...this was even before the epidural...and I'm still smiling!

Here is Mike waiting patiently for the baby to come.

Mike and I a few hours before she was born.
***Birthing Story***
The hospital called us earlier than expected on the morning of the 28th. They called at 8:20am and wanted us to the hospital by 9:00am. I told them I could be there by 9:15. Mike's mom was on her way but we weren't expecting to go in until 10am so she wasn't to our house quite yet. So I called my friend Rachel and she was over within minutes ready to help get the Kate off to school and take care of the other girls until Mike's mom came. We got to the hospital right on time and started the induction process. By 10:15 they had started the pitocin and called my doctor to let him know I was ready to have my water broken. I was only dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced. My doctor wasn't able to come over until his lunch hour so at 1:15 he came and I was only at 2cm and 80% effaced. By this point I was sure I was going to be there all day. He broke my water and then I decided I'd get the epidural. The anesthesiologist was so mean and he kept yelling at me while he was trying to give the epidural. My nurse was super nice and made me feel better. I about cried because he was so mean. He finally got it done and I was so ready for him to leave. The contractions started coming harder and faster but by 2:30 I was only at 3cm. Again I was sure I'd be there all day and all night. At 4:30 I pushed my epidural button for the 1st time because I was starting to feel a bit more pressure. The nurse checked and I was only at 4cm. It was taking forever. At 4:50 I was feeling a ton of back pressure and told the nurse I thought I might be ready to deliver. She checked me and I was at a 6 and going very fast and she told me that I was ready to deliver. They called the doctor and he showed up about 5:15 or so. After only 2 pushes Juliet was born at 5:21pm. All in all it went very smoothly and great. My doctor was awesome and really made the whole process quite calm and relaxing.

Here is Juliet getting weighed

Just a few minutes after she was born

Here she is right after birth before they gave her me

Here she is all cleaned and ready

My sister Kenzie and Jewels

Big sister Kate and Juliet

Big sister Mayli and Jewels

Big sister Madi and Juliet

Grandma Sherie and Juliet

Papa Kelly and Jewels

Me and my 4 girls

Me and Juliet

Our Jewels

Juliet means youthful. We fell in love with the name the night we found out we were having a girl and it has been our favorite since then. So we were so excited to name her Juliet. All of our children's middle names are named after a family name. Juliet's middle name, Celeste, is after my sister who has been there for me always. So that is how we named her.

Daddy with Juliet

Juliet in her bed at the hospital

Juliet all ready to go home

So super cute!!!

In her carseat all ready to go home. We are so excited she has come to our family and absolutely are enjoying every moment with this sweet, calm spirit our Father in Heaven has given us. She is a wonderful baby and is just content to be here. She is beautiful and is so loved in our home! Welcome to the Wright Family Juliet! We love you!