Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Times!

So May has been so fun and I finally just got the pictures tonight so I decided to blog about them finally. On May 1st I got to go to BYU Women's Conference! It was so awesome and I will now make it a yearly tradition! We had a was so much fun! It was spiritually uplifting and I learned so much! We had a great time. Here are some pictures:

Here is us in the Marriott Center.

Krista, Rachel, Jennifer, me, and Natalie

And here we are by the super cool popcorn tree!

Rachel, Jennifer, me, Krista, and Natalie
We had so much fun and learned alot! It was a great day.

Then a couple weeks ago Roberts Arts & Crafts store was having customer appreciation week and on Friday they had a promotion going on that the 1st 100 people through the door on Friday morning got a $25 gift card! HELLO FREE MONEY for CRAFTS!!!! :) How could we go wrong? So me, Rachel, and Natalie decided we just had to go. So we all hopped in the car at 4:45 am ready to go get our gift cards! We got there and we were numbers 9, 10, and 11. SWEET!!! We were so excited! There was even a sweet guy that spent the night to be 1st in line to get his wife a gift card! How sweet huh? By 7:30 am there were tons of people showing up and this one lady came up and was determined to push through everyone to get that gift card because the ad said, 'the first 1oo people through the door not the 1st 100 people in line.' But all was well and we did get our gift cards it was so worth it! We had a great time! :) Here are some pictures of our awesome adventure!

Natalie, Rachel, and me...we were so excited!!!!

This is the line...if you count the people...technically we should have been 7, 8, and 9 but some people were saving spots for others.

This is the sweet man who stayed in front of Roberts all night to make sure he got that gift card. As soon as they opened the doors and gave him the gift card he was off to head home. It was so cute!

This is us getting ready to head in!

And the last one of us...mind you we had litterally rolled out of bed right before we came! We had a blast!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why my house is messy...

I got home from a busy day of running errands and looked at the house and just was a mess. I thought to my self as I started cleaning things up...why...why is my house so messy. I had just spent Monday night cleaning until 1 am and the house was spotless. Am I such an awful homemaker that I cannot even keep up the house's cleanliness for 3 days! I kept thinking about this as I was doing the dishes. And this is what happened while I was loading the dishwasher.

Hmmm...maybe it's the fact that I have to load the dishwasher about 10 times because my little helper is being 'so helpful' and enjoys it so much. :) Then that got me thinking...usually about 5 minutes after I clean up a room and head to the next...the room I just cleaned has stuff all over the floor again. Or the window I just washed looks so pretty and tempting...and their little fingers make prints all over it within minutes. Or the fact that when I try to throw away a broken toy or put some toy they no longer use in the basement...some how it always ends up back upstairs. Or maybe it could be that as soon as I fold all the clothes the baby thinks its fun to see them fly everywhere. Or maybe the fact is that drama is always happening like today when Minnie's bow fell off and it was the end of the world and it had to be sewn back on right away because she just wasn't as pretty without it on. Or it could be that as soon as I start cleaning someone wants a story read to them or help doing a puzzle (the puzzles that I've already put away 10 times today). But you know's ok that my house is messy cuz my kids are happy. And as those who have come before me have said...enjoy this stage because one day you will miss it.

I came across a poem that my grandma cross-stitched for my mom when all 8 of us kids were home. (Our house wasn't always clean...but boy were we so very happy!) My mom let me take it to my house.

My House
Some houses try to hide the fact
That children shelter there
Ours boasts of it quite openly
The signs are everywhere.
For smears are on the windows
Little smudges on the door
I should apologize I guess
For toys strewn on the floor
But I sat down with the children
And we played and laughed and read
And if the furniture doesn't shine
Their eyes will shine instead
For when at times I'm forced to choose
The one job or the other
I want to be a housewife...
But first I'll be a mother.
I'm so grateful for my children and the joy they bring to my life...especially my biggest kid...Mike ( you honey)! :) And although some days my house is clean and most days its a mess its ok because my kids are happy and one day I will miss the mess! Enjoy life and love it!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kate's Preschool Graduation

Katelyn had her pre-school graduation on Thursday, May 21st. It was so cute! Miss Karen, Kate's teacher, is amazing! It was so much fun! The kids were so cute all dressed up in graduation gowns and everything! The ceremony started at 6:30 and the kids sang songs for us. Then they each got their diplomas. The did the 3 year-old class 1st and then did the 4 year-old class girls and then the boys. Katelyn was almost forgotten but her teacher realized it right away and only 1 boy got called before her. They sang a song in Samoan and sang a couple other songs and it was all done. They had a luau after and we had a lot of fun. We then headed home and had a little party for Kate here at the house. Katelyn chose the food so we had goldfish crackers, oreos, string cheese, and fruit snacks. And we had a pink drink. It was so cute! She had a great time and enjoyed all the little gifts she received! Here are pictures!

Katelyn dressed up all pretty for graduation...she picked out her own outfit

Katelyn so cute in her graduation cap and gown

Kate and some of the girls from her class

The set up of the graduation

Kate and her teacher Miss Karen...Katelyn loves her!

The graduate! So cute!

Kate and her sisters, Maddie and Mayli

The family (Maddie was too busy crawling take a picture)

Mommy and Kate

We had visitors from Morgan and Provo! Kate was so excited!

Uncle Thomas and the girls

Aunt Amanda and the girls

Uncle Matt and the girls

Katelyn with her flowers from Papa and Grandma Wright. She got so many great gifts! :) It was a fantastic day we had so much fun! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Feeling a bit crafty today!

So today I decided to play with my cricut machine and cut some vinyl lettering out. I made 2 boards and put a saying up on my wall in my kitchen. I'm not sure I love the font of the kitchen saying so I might take it down and do it different and I did put the some of the letters crooked cuz I thought it would be cute with the saying but not sure if I love it. What do you guys think?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Give Away on Avon and You

Hey my friend Heidi is having a giveaway for an Avon basket on her Avon blog. I love Avon jewelry! And love to find fun things...they always have a good deal on something! You can find a link to her blog under friends blogs I love to buy stuff from. Go check it out and enter!

Give Away on Tiles by Design

Hey my friend Heidi is having a giveaway on Tiles by Design. I have a link to her blog under friends blogs I love to buy stuff from. Go check it out! :)