Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Christmas Eve we headed up to Kaysville for the Porter family annual Christmas Eve get together. This year they decided to have it earlier in the day so we could all head home earlier. We started at 11 and ate brunch. After we were all done eating all the kids acted out the story of Christ's birth. It was so great! (I forgot my camera but luckily I had my phone so I could take one picture.)
Here are the girls all dressed up. Mayli was a sheep, Madi was a cow, Kate was an angel, and Emma was a sheep. After we were all done we headed up to Papa and Grandma Wright's house and spent the day with them. We opened up pixie gifts and then headed home about 7pm. A few minutes after we got home one of our neighbors came dressed up as Santa and brought us treats and had each of the girls sit on his lap. It was so fun!
Christmas Morning was so fun! It was our first year just being our family! For the past 7 years we have always been at one of our parents house for Christmas morning. The girls got up about 8 and they were so excited.
Madilyn eating a treat from her stocking after opening some Santa gifts. Madi got Dora and Boots beanie babies and a Dora bath toy. They got lots of little goodies too from Santa.

Mayli with one of her gifts from Santa. Mayli was so excited...each one of them got an umbrella which is what Mayli kept asking Santa for. She opened some magnetic dress up dolls and said, "Santa brought me just what I wanted." She also got the squinkie cupcake toy.

Katelyn so excited getting ready to open her Santa gifts. Kate got a baby crib and a baby from Santa. Santa also brought a movie and some games for the whole family.

Time to open all the other gifts under the tree...
Daddy helping opening and passing out gifts.

Katelyn with her gift from her pixie, Mommy. It is a Sleeping Beauty dress-up.

Mayli opening a gift.

Madi after she opened a gift...she got lots of Dora stuff she was so happy!

Daddy with the girls after we were all done opening gifts. They were so excited to go and start playing! It was fun to be able to let them open and play with whatever toy they wanted to. They had so much fun playing all day long.

After we were done opening gifts...we decided to start a tradition for our family and we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We had such a lovely day and the girls had lots of fun. After we were all done opening presents we talked about why we celebrate Christmas. We had quite a lovely day.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Dance Recital

Tonight was the girls winter dance recital. The girls looked so cute and all 3 of them did a fantastic job dancing!
Mayli all dressed up.
She is in Ballet/Creative Dance this year.
Katelyn all dressed up for her dance.
She is in Tap this year.

Madilyn dressed up like a snow fairy.
This is her 1st year and she is a little young being 2 still but she did a great job.
She is in Creative Dance.

All 3 of our little dancers right before their recital!
Here are some short videos of their dances!

Katelyn's Dance

Mayli's Dance

Madi's Dance

It was a great recital and the girls did great!!!! :)

Santa Pictures

Mike's work had a Christmas part on December 13th. We went ice skating, had dinner, and saw Santa. The girls had so much fun ice skating! They want to go back soon. We had a Hawaiian dinner and then the girls got to go and see Santa. Katelyn wants a baby doll, Mayli wants an umbrella, and Madi wants Dora. :) They were so cute and had so much fun!
Katelyn with Santa
Mayli with Santa

Madi with Santa (She couldn't wait to go sit on his lap! She was jumping up and down while we were waiting.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blessing of Ian Wright

On December 5th we had the opportunity to go to our nephew, Ian's blessing. It was so fun to be with most of the family and enjoy each others company. Ian was blessed on December 5th by his dad Mark, Mike's little brother. They are attending a Spanish ward because Jackie is from Guatemala and although she is doing so great at learning English they were able to serve and help so much in the Spanish ward. Mark gave the blessing in English but the entire rest of sacrament meeting was in Spanish. It was such a neat opportunity to be there. It was testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong. Most of the time I didn't understand what was being said but the spirit testified to me that what they were saying was true. It was an amazing experience. I was so moved at times I began to cry. I was even able to have some personal revelation come to me as I sat and listened and felt the spirit. It was wonderful. I'm so glad we were able to go!

Jacky, Mark, and Ian
Baby Ian...absolutely adorable!!!!!

He was blessed in the same outfit Mark was blessed in as a baby. So special and neat!

Just 19 short years before he will be serving his mission!

Ian Mark Wright...his blessing was amazing...he is a special son of God that has so much to offer the world.

Here is the family that was able to attend. It was so fun to all be together.

Here is another picture with the ones who couldn't be there added in. We sure missed Tim, Matt, and Michelle. This is our crazy picture...although some people didn't get the memo we were supposed to be they look all cute! :)

Here is an adorable picture of Madi that I just had to add...she was entertaining us all with some lovely music.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mayli Elizabeth turned 5!

Mayli Elizabeth entered our family on December 5, 2005. She was 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches long. She was a beautiful baby and my labor with her was so easy. I went in for a check up and they did an ultrasound and found I had lost quite a bit of fluid. I had to head straight to the hospital from the doctors office. Katelyn was with me and the nurse in labor and delivery kept asking if someone was going to come pick up my little 17 month old. I assured her my husbands mother was on her way and would be here soon. 4 1/2 hours after starting pitocin Mayli made her debut. The doctor came and checked me at 3:45pm and said that I'd probably deliver about 10pm that night. But 20 minutes later I called the nurse in because I was sure I was ready...she said there was no way I'd make that much progress in that short amount of time. I instisted she check so she did and I was ready to deliver. At 4:21pm Mayli was born. Here are some pictures of the last 5 years:

A few minutes after she was born

Look at all that blonde hair!

This is the most decent picture I could find of me holding her when she was a baby.

Daddy with his 2nd baby girl
Mayli in her blessing dress

Mayli 2006 (age 1)

Mayli 2007 (age 2)

Mayli 2008 (age 3)

Mayli 2009 (age 4)

Mayli 2010 (age 5)

Our Mayli is an amazing little girl. She has so much to offer this world and we are so grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to our family. She is so silly and makes us laugh all the time. She is so smart and loves to learn. She is always asking me questions wondering how everything works. She loves to do homework with me and Katelyn and understands it a lot of the time. She loves to sing, dance, read, play with toys, color, and play outside. Mayli is so sweet. She always is trying to help someone in need and if she sees that anyone is sad she will do all she can to make that person feel better. She is so willing to share with her sisters. Mayli is a great helper and many times I find her cleaning something or downstairs trying to help me with the laundry. She has lots of energy and tends to get everyone a little crazy sometimes but she is a peacemaker in our family too. She loves the gospel, loves to bear her testimony in family home evening, and loves to pray and always says such great prayers. She will do so much in her life and we love her so much! Happy Birthday Mayli! Love you!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Mayli's Princess Birthday Party

Mayli had her 1st friend birthday party this year. We decided for our kids they only will get a friend birthday party for ages 5, 8, 12, and 16. So Mayli was so excited this year to have a party with her friends. She chose to have a princess party and we got a discount coupon from to have a princess come and do the party. It was a great time.

Here are some decorations for the party.

Our 5 year-old Mayli with her princess castle cake.
The pink castle cake. It was really easy to make and turned out super cute!

More decorations...Mayli was so excited when she woke up and saw all the decorations in the morning.

The lady that came decorated the family room and turned it into a princess dress up palace. Here was the 'salon'.

Here were all the extras they got to dress up with.

She brought shoes for all the girls. They were all so excited to pick out their favorite.

Each girl got to pick a dress they wanted to play in when they RSVP'd for the party. Madi chose Cinderella. She was so cute.

Katelyn picked Sleeping Beauty.

Mayli chose Rapunzel. Each girl brought their favorite doll or stuffed animal and they had a doll dress to match that they got to keep. And Mayli got to keep her dressup.

Here are the girls putting on their makeup. It was so cute. They all had so much fun!

Mayli opening her presents.

Mayli with the Princess

Kate with the Princess

Madi with the Princess

All of Mayli's friends. All the girls looked so cute! We had a great time!

Here is a video of the Mayi being announced coming to the 'Princess Ball'. All the girls were announced and Mayli was the last one. It was such a fun birthday party and Mayli had so much fun.