Friday, November 20, 2009

We LOVE Daddy!

Here are some fun pictures of the girls saying goodnight to Daddy before bedtime.

Kate and Daddy

Mayli and Daddy

Madilyn and Daddy

We all love our wonderful daddy! He is so good to us and works so hard! Thank you Mike for being an amazing husband and an amazing father! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Well at least at our house it is looking like Christmas. We decided to put our trees up early this year. We love this holiday season and wanted to enjoy it for as long as we could. It makes me so happy to sit in our living room and look at our beautiful tree. Christmas just makes me so happy and brings back so many fond memories why not enjoy it longer? So we put our trees up a couple weeks ago. The kids have been enjoying them and we haven't really had a problem with Madilyn touching the ornaments. (YAY!) Here are some pictures:
This is the tree in Madilyn's room. These ornaments have been played with and taken off but she always puts them back on. :)

Here is the tree in Katelyn and Mayli's room. They love to decorate it with their special ornaments they get each year. It supposed to be pre-lit but 1/2 of them don't work this year. So we strung lights around it.

Here is our tree in the living room. I love to just sit in there a look at the pretty lights. This one is with the flash on because without the flash the picture didn't work well. But it really looks just beautiful when it is really glowing. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Katelyn Reading!

Katelyn has been working on reading in school and she is doing quite well! It is fun to see the progress she is having! She is getting so big! Enjoy the video!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Festivities!

Well it has been quite the exciting week and weekend here in the Wright home! The most exciting things started Thursday. Thursday morning was Mayli's pre-school Halloween Party. We had a fun time and the girls got to play lots of fun games and get lots of candy and toys. Katelyn had a Letter P Party at school that day and got to dress up in her pajamas and take her pillow to school. They had pizza, potato chips, pretzels and other foods that start with the letter P. She had a fun day! Then Friday we had a fun time Katelyn got to go to school in her costume and they had a costume parade where all the children got to march down the hall and show off their costumes to the parents. It was fun! That night was the PTA Halloween carnival. It was a wonderful carnival! They did a fantastic job! We had a fun time (of course I forgot the camera that night). Then there was Halloween! The kids got to go trick or treating with Daddy while Mommy stayed home to give out candy. Then they got to go to McDonalds after thanks to Papa and Grandma Wright who gave them a special Halloween treat! They had so much fun! Enjoy the pictures! There's a lot!

The girls before Mayli's pre-school Halloween party
Katelyn dressed up for her Letter P Party!

Katelyn talking to her friends at school

Katelyn sitting in her chair before the parade.

Katelyn marching in the parade

The 3 girls on Halloween night

Katelyn was a witch

Mayli the cute bumblebee
Our little pot of Hunny-Maddie!
The 3 girls with Vampire Daddy!
Homecoming Queen Wannabe Mommy and the 3 girls! I've never gotten so many comments on how pretty my costume was thanks again Kenzie for letting me borrow your prom dress! :)

Daddy and the girls heading off to go trick or treating
The girls getting ready to knock on a door

This is the girls trick or treating at our house after they were all done. We had a wonderful weekend and love holidays! :)