Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kids Say and Do the Darndest things!

Well I had to post this 1st and then I'll post about the Christmas festivities later. Yesterday we were unpacking everything from Christmas and I was cleaning up the kitchen and cooking some dinner. I walked around the counter to find Madilyn coloring with permanent marker on the linoleum. So now we have a big section of the linoleum with Maddie's art work all over it. I guess looking on the bright side of things I finally HAVE to tile so that will be done! Here is a picture:

Good thing she is so darn cute! After trying a magic eraser and lots of cleaner I finally gave up and this is how it ended up looking. Well sometimes the kids make a big mess but sometimes they say the funniest things too...last week the girls were saying some funny things so I wrote them in my journal and then looked back as saw some funny things they have said in the past. So I want to share some:


-12/17/09 (age 5)-Mike's family had the monthly temple worship time where we do family temple sealings and I was unable to go because as a Relief Society Presidency we had to meet with the Stake President before Ward Conference. When Katelyn's uncles and aunt asked where I was she goes, "My mommy couldn't be here because she has a meeting with the Prophet. She is very important!"

-2/08 (age 3)-We were at a friends house and in their bathroom they had a small garbage can that looked just like our larger one in our kitchen. When Katelyn saw it she said, "Look Mommy, a baby trash can!"

-11/11/07 (age 3)-I was driving on I-15 one day and this lady didn't check her blind spot and almost side-swiped me. I had to slam on my brakes and swerve so she wouldn't hit me. I honked my horn and yelled, "You stupid lady, check your blind spot! You idiot!" 2 seconds later Katelyn yells, "You almost broke my car you stupid lady!" I realized I better watch what I say.

-2/4/07 (age 2)-We were in the car and I was talking to Mike. Katelyn kept saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom!" I didn't answer her right away so she yelled, "MOM!" I yelled back, "WHAT?" and she goes, "Hee-haw! Hee-haw!" and started laughing. So funny!

-2/15/07 (age 2)-Katelyn calls marshmellows, snowmen. There was a 1/4 moon out and Katelyn goes, "Oh no Mom! The moon is broken!" I assured her it was just fine and that we could only see part of it.

-9/22/06 (age 2)-She called breakfast, bep-burr and socks, gee-gocks. When she would get dressed in the morning she'd say, "Mommy gee-gocks?"


-12/17/09 (age 4)-She was at the store with her uncles and aunt and they let the girls pick out a treat. Katelyn was taking a long time to choose which treat she wanted. Mayli puts her hands on her hips and goes, "Seriously Katy, you're taking FOREVER, just choose something!"

-11/30/09 (age 3)-We were at the store and when we got out of the van the air smellled stinky. Mayli said, "Ewww! It's stinky out here, maybe it's cows. Cows stink and so do Daddys."

-9/09 (age 3)-Mayli had fallen and scraped her knees outside on the sidewalk. She said, "Mommy I'm missing a piece of my leg, do you have any glue?" I said, "Glue?" She said, "Yes, the glue you put on Katy's stiches." I said, "Oh you mean the neosporin?" She said, "Yes mom, the evil sporin, I need evil sporin!"

-5/08 (age 2)-We were up in Rexburg and we were showing the girls the temple there. Mayli says, "Hey Mom, can I get married?" I said, "Sure you can someday." She clasped her hands together and goes, "Oooooh, that will be so fun!"

-2/9/08 (age 2)-We were on our way home from Mike's parents house and Mayli pipes up from the back of van, "People are going to my house!" I said, "What?" And she said the same thing again...she was just sure all the people that were driving by us were going to our house. I told her they were going the same way as us and using the same road but they weren't coming to our house. She said, "Oh, ok!" She was happy that they all weren't coming to our house.

-6/6/07 (age 1)-peas (please), manamal (animal), tank ooo (thank you)


12/09 (age 1)-We were in Walmart and Katelyn and Mayli were fighting. I said, "Quit it!" and Maddie goes, "Ow, quit it!" (A quote from the Simpsons I think is funny and will sometimes say).

10/09 (age 1)-hank ooo (thank you), I sorry, ove ooo (love you), peas (please), puppy

Just thought I'd share some stuff that makes me laugh! Hope it made you smile and laugh too!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Madilyn's 1st Haircut!

Well the mullet had to go! I loved the curls on Maddie's hair but it just looked so messy all the time so we needed to get it cut. My favorite place to get the kids' haircuts is Cookie Cutters. The kids get to pick a movie to watch while getting their hair cut, a fun seat to sit in, and when it is done they get a balloon, sucker, and a cookie cutter. But best of all.....the people that cut the hair are patient and kind to your kids!!!!! It is awesome! And it is only $13.95 a cut and usually you can get a $2 off coupon. Here are pictures of the day!

Maddie's hair before

Madilyn sitting in the pink car all ready for the cut

The hairstylist cutting Maddie's hair

All done! Madilyn loved her sucker!

The back! She looks adorable!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Dance Recital

The girls had their winter dance recital. They both looked so cute! They have so much fun and really enjoy their teacher.



Mayli and Katelyn

Mayli's Dance

Katelyn's Dance

It is always so much fun! The girls love to dance and we love to watch them!

Our Relief Society Christmas Night

For Relief Society we had a wonderful presentation on the 10 virgins. Then after the program we had the Bridegroom feast. I made a wedding cake for the night. It was a lovely night. Here are some pictures of the cake. And 1 picture of one of the tables that was decorated. It was a great evening.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mayli!

Mayli turned 4! I can't believe how big my girls are getting. Mayli came into our family on December 5, 2005. She was 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 inches long. She came 3 weeks early (which was nice because she was supposed to be due right by Christmas.) She was born in the afternoon and the labor was so easy I acutally said right after I had her if all my labors were that easy I could have 10 more kids. Mayli is one of a kind. She is adorable and so funny! She likes to get her way and is a fireball of energy. She is so smart and learns things so quickley. She loves to sing and loves to dance. Here is some pictures of her over the past 4 years:

Mayli in her blessing dress

Mayli on her 1st b-day

Mayli on her 2nd b-day

Mayli on her 3rd b-day

Mayli on her 4th birthday....she really wanted a Belle cake! She was so excited!

Mayli with her b-day cake in Montana.

Mayli opening presents at Grandma and Papa Clayton's house...Katelyn had to be right there helping.

More of her opening her presents

Here she is on her b-day at Grandma and Papa Wright's house. She chose to wear this dress because she thought it looked like a birthday cake.

We love you Mayli! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gingerbread houses and Mike as Santa!

Every year we make gingerbread houses! And it is one of my favorite things to do each year! Here are some fun pictures!

Maddie and Papa looking at all the goodies we got to put on our houses

All the gingerbread houses before we decorated them

Katelyn decorating her gingerbread house

Mayli decorating her house

Cute Amanda making the frosting

Me and Madilyn decorating her house

Our gingerbread city

Mike's house

Madilyn's house

My house

Katelyn's house...she did it all by herself this year!

Mayli's house...she did most of it and I helped a little

Amy, me, and Sara! Love you girls!
Mike was asked to dress up as Santa for the 3rd Ward's Christmas party. He did a fantastic job! He had a fun time giving candy canes to the kids.
Here he is all dressed up

Here is Mike passing out candy canes to the kids. He did great!

Can we say BUSY!

Well life has been crazy these past few weeks! And although I should probably be cleaning up my bedroom...I've decided to sit down for a while to relax. There has been so much going on so I'm going to post about a few things tonight.
First on November 20th we had a girls night out to go see New Moon...Me, Krista, and Aimie went together. We went out to dinner first and then went to the movie. We met a few more girls at the theater. Here is a picture of us at Applebees. We had a great time! :)Next we went up to Montana for Thanksgiving! It was so fun to be able to go home! Here are a few pictures of our fun vacation!

Maddie playing dress up!

Here is Evie and Maddie playing while we were cooking on Thanksgiving day.

This is a fun game the aunts and uncles love to play with the girls. They put their feet around the girls' feet and throw them back and forth! They absolutely love it! They have so much fun!

Each year in on the day after Thanksgiving they have the light parade. It is so fun to watch and the girls really enjoyed it this year!

The kids with my sisters and cousins

Mike and I

Me and my mommy!

Madilyn absolutely loved the parade. She kept following the lights and running out on to the road or at least would try to. She was so funny!

Kate and May with Papa

One of the floats

I thought this was the neatest part of the parade.

We had a fun time in Montana and the roads driving were amazing for this time of year! We love to come and visit and it is so much fun to go back to my hometown. We also celebrated Mayli's birthday but I'll post those pictures with her b-day post!