Saturday, December 05, 2009

Can we say BUSY!

Well life has been crazy these past few weeks! And although I should probably be cleaning up my bedroom...I've decided to sit down for a while to relax. There has been so much going on so I'm going to post about a few things tonight.
First on November 20th we had a girls night out to go see New Moon...Me, Krista, and Aimie went together. We went out to dinner first and then went to the movie. We met a few more girls at the theater. Here is a picture of us at Applebees. We had a great time! :)Next we went up to Montana for Thanksgiving! It was so fun to be able to go home! Here are a few pictures of our fun vacation!

Maddie playing dress up!

Here is Evie and Maddie playing while we were cooking on Thanksgiving day.

This is a fun game the aunts and uncles love to play with the girls. They put their feet around the girls' feet and throw them back and forth! They absolutely love it! They have so much fun!

Each year in on the day after Thanksgiving they have the light parade. It is so fun to watch and the girls really enjoyed it this year!

The kids with my sisters and cousins

Mike and I

Me and my mommy!

Madilyn absolutely loved the parade. She kept following the lights and running out on to the road or at least would try to. She was so funny!

Kate and May with Papa

One of the floats

I thought this was the neatest part of the parade.

We had a fun time in Montana and the roads driving were amazing for this time of year! We love to come and visit and it is so much fun to go back to my hometown. We also celebrated Mayli's birthday but I'll post those pictures with her b-day post!


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

I love the pictures!!! i hope i can go back to glendive and visit someday! well see!

Krista Neil said...

Cute pics, I want to play that game with your girls, looks fun :)

racefan said...

I was in Montana for Thanksgiving this year too!! We went to Jeff's mom and stepdad's house in Terry but we stayed in Glendive. We also went to the light parade---something we did every year when we lived there:)