Friday, May 28, 2010

Katelyn's Kindergarten Graduation

Katelyn had her kindergarten graduation on 5/27/10. It was just her class and they all looked so cute! I can't believe how much they learned this year! Her teacher Mrs. Spaulding was awesome! Katelyn just loved her! She had a wonderful year and had so much fun!

Kate's class
Katie after she got her diploma and when she was getting her treat.
So happy
Kate with her diploma! Way to go Katie-bug!
Katelyn with her friends Peyton and Maddie (and our little Maddie in the corner)
Kate and Miss Joy the teachers aide
Katelyn and Mrs. Spaulding
It was a wonderful year and I can't believe it is already over! Below is a video of Katelyn walking in. She gets so embarrassed when we call her name...but thats what parents do right...embarrass their kids!?! Hahaa! She is so cute! We are so proud of you Kate! Love you!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kenzie Graduation and trip to Montana

We got to go up to Montana for a weekend for Mackenzie's graduation, and it was so fun to all be together! Everyone was there except my little brother who is on his mission. We were also missing Celeste's husband Matt and 2 of her kids Kylie and Megan. We missed the ones who couldn't come but it was such a fun weekend! We had a great time laughing, talking, and just spending time together. Here are some pictures of the super fun weekend!
Kate, Kenz, and May after they went dancing in the rain.
We were helping set up at the senior all-nighter and they had those blow up toys. Here is Madilyn jumping all over. She loved it!
Mayli and Dakota ready to knock each other off
Sarah and Caleb on the bungee thing
Dakota and Kate ready to fight! Dakota always won! Hahaha! :)
Our family in the picture thing
Kate and May in the money blower thing (notice I have no idea what any of these things are really called)
Kate and Madilyn in the money blower! Madilyn LOVED it!
Blake, Kylie, and Kenna waiting to head off to graduation
Kenzie with her hat. She wrote 'Ah nuts' cuz she always says it.
Kenzie with her chocolate carmel graduation cake!
Kenzie in her graduation outfit
Dad, Kenz, and Mom
Me and Kenna cutting up Honey Dew
Kenzie's graduating class
After she got her dipolma
My uncle and aunt adopted 4 kids from Haiti and this is little DJ. He is so freakin' cute and always has the cutest faces! He's adorable!
All us that left Tuesday morning right before we headed out the door! We had such a fun time! I love my family and enjoy any opportunity I have to be able to go home to see them! Love you guys!!!! Below is a video of the girls on the trip home! :)

Tim's State Tennis Match!

Mike's little brother Tim is an awesome tennis player and him and his doubles partner made it to state tennis down at BYU. Most of the family was able to come and support him on his special day! He did awesome! Way to go Tim we are so proud of you!!!
Here is most of the family that day!
Here is Mayli, me, Tim, Libby, and Caleb. (oh and we can't forget the cup of potato-bugs!)
We had a fun time it was! Way to go Timmers!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Dance Recital

The girls had their spring dance recital on May 19, 2010. They were so super cute! Mayli danced to 'Messin' up the Camp' off of Tarzan. Katelyn danced to 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus. Both girls did so wonderful and were so very cute!

Katie and Mayli
Madilyn had to dress up too! Here she is dancing.
This was the beginning of Kate's dance.
Mayli and her class dancing
Madilyn was having just as much fun as the girls on stage. She was loving dancing! She kept running up on the stage because she wanted to dance there during the rehearsal! She was so cute!
Mayli in her dance outfit
Katelyn in her dance outfit
The two girls! So cute! I absolutely love them being in dance. The studio they dance at is awesome!!!
Below are some videos of the girls dancing

Here is Katelyn's dance. I didn't get a great video of it during rehearsal and then at the recital we were having issues with the actual video camera so I couldn't record a short one for her. But this one works ok! :) She did lovely! :)

Here is Mayli's dance! She did a great job too!

Here is a video of Madilyn dancing while we were at dress rehearsal.

Mayli's Pre-School Graduation

Well there is so many exciting things happening so I better start catching up on the blog! Mayli had her pre-school graduation on May 19, 2010. She was so cute all dressed up! We had her and Kate's dance recital the same night so we had to rush and cut it short a bit but Mayli got her dipolma and she looked adorable as always! :)

Here is Mayli all dressed up!
The stage
The graduates all lined up ready to march in.
Mayli was so excited!
They all looked so cute up there!
Mayli getting her certificate
Mayli and her teacher Miss Karen. She does a wonderful job! Mayli had a wonderful year!
Below is a video of Mayli's class singing "Days of the Week." They were so cute!
Congratulations Mayli! We are so proud of you!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Madilyn and Pony Rides

Well I had to post these pictures of Madilyn. She is so funny. She was in her little car and didn't want me taking her picture.

What a goofball! She is so funny and so cute!
Madilyn came up to me on May 5th like this. It made me laugh! Cinco De Mayo!
We got to go with Mayli on her field trip to Thanksgiving Point. And all the girls got to go on a pony ride.

Madilyn and Mayli petting the cows

Mayli was so excited to take a picture by this sheep. We had a great time!