Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kenzie Graduation and trip to Montana

We got to go up to Montana for a weekend for Mackenzie's graduation, and it was so fun to all be together! Everyone was there except my little brother who is on his mission. We were also missing Celeste's husband Matt and 2 of her kids Kylie and Megan. We missed the ones who couldn't come but it was such a fun weekend! We had a great time laughing, talking, and just spending time together. Here are some pictures of the super fun weekend!
Kate, Kenz, and May after they went dancing in the rain.
We were helping set up at the senior all-nighter and they had those blow up toys. Here is Madilyn jumping all over. She loved it!
Mayli and Dakota ready to knock each other off
Sarah and Caleb on the bungee thing
Dakota and Kate ready to fight! Dakota always won! Hahaha! :)
Our family in the picture thing
Kate and May in the money blower thing (notice I have no idea what any of these things are really called)
Kate and Madilyn in the money blower! Madilyn LOVED it!
Blake, Kylie, and Kenna waiting to head off to graduation
Kenzie with her hat. She wrote 'Ah nuts' cuz she always says it.
Kenzie with her chocolate carmel graduation cake!
Kenzie in her graduation outfit
Dad, Kenz, and Mom
Me and Kenna cutting up Honey Dew
Kenzie's graduating class
After she got her dipolma
My uncle and aunt adopted 4 kids from Haiti and this is little DJ. He is so freakin' cute and always has the cutest faces! He's adorable!
All us that left Tuesday morning right before we headed out the door! We had such a fun time! I love my family and enjoy any opportunity I have to be able to go home to see them! Love you guys!!!! Below is a video of the girls on the trip home! :)


Berry Family said...

I LOVE that Sarah has a Colts jersey one! She must be AMAZING. ha-ha

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Dede love the video and pictures. Your family is great. They are my friends and i love them. And i get/am to be related to one of them YAY! Lindsay is great. So glad to have her apart of the family. But, you know what? your all my family. Because your my friends. And you know the saying "Friends are the family you choose!"

Celeste said...

You are sooo funny...and looking mighty sexy in that bikini...hahaha! Love you!

Michael & Cherilyn said...

congrats on the baby-to-be!! I have the EXACT same dress and yellow shirt as McKenzie! so funny!