Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Week

Well it has been quite crazy and busy this past week. I got a haircut on Tuesday...for Relief Society we had a service auction and I got a haircut for free from a lady who cuts hair in our ward. Here is what it looks like.
My dear Uncle Ross passed away on April 9th. He was such a wonderful person always happy and kind to everyone. One of my favorite quotes he said is, "You gotta find the joy in everything! It's there, once you find it, live it!" We had his funeral on Friday, April 16th. The memorial service was wonderful and the day was beautiful outside. We love him and are so happy he is pain free now. We can't wait until we can see him again. Here are a few pictures from the viewing on Thursday.
My sisters and mom. Carli, Mom, and Kenna
Me across the girls. Me, Carli, Mom, and Kenna.
Us again this time nice smiles.
We did a girls night on Friday. We had the funeral that morning and afternoon and then a wedding reception that night. Afterwards all us ladies went out to have some fun after an emotional day.
Lindsay, me, Kenna, and Mom...Carli was taking the picture. (we missed you Kenzie and Celeste)
Carli needed a purse to borrow cuz all she had was a diaper bag. I let her borrow my super cute yellow one. She was so excited!
Mom and Kenna
Carli doing a sexy pose
Kenna eating the apples from her smoothie
Mom and me enjoying our lemonades...I actually ordered a limeade but my lemonade was good too!
Lindsay enjoying her smoothie
Poor Carli had canker sores so all she could drink was water.
Kenna posing by Beyonce...My mom looked at the poster and said, "Kenna you should go pose like Bee-on-ss!" (instead of Bee-on-say) So funny! So Kenna went and took a picture by the poster.
Me looking around the corner
Kenna sneaking into the mens bathroom
Carli posing like Fonzie.
Kenna posing like Angelina Jolie...I think her face is perfect...anyone else thinks Angie always look like that?!?
We wanted a picture of all 5 of us...we had some girl take one but it was this was the next best thing!
The cleaning checklist in the had no checks! EEK!
Kenna, Mom, and me posing like Beyonce.

Next few pictures we decided it would be fun to find signs and take pictures by them like they read.
I...Hop! Hahaha! We are hopping!

Poor Lindsay hurt her hip a couple of weeks ago and she is still gimping we had a take a pic!
Chili's...we were chilly!
Extend Stay America...Kenna and Carli are staying for a long time

We had to run to Walmart after to get a few things. While we where there I went to the bathroom and ended up walking into the men's bathroom! There was a guy in there...luckily just washing his hands...and I go oops wrong bathroom! And run out. The guy was laughing so hard and so was I! Embarrassing!
Mom and Kenna coming out of the bathroom...Kenna couldn't stop pulling out paper towels!
So tired after a crazy, long day!
But still smiling!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend

My heart was so full this weekend. It was a lovely weekend full of family, fun, instruction, and reflection. My parents came down to visit my uncle who was just recently taken off dialysis. The doctors say he only has a short time left here on this earth. So my parents came down to see him one last time and say goodbye. It was a bittersweet weekend, and though the circumstances of them coming weren't the happiest, I was so glad to be able to see my parents and siblings. I hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving so it was wonderful to see them.

What a wonderful conference weekend it was this past weekend. My heart was filled with joy as I heard the instruction given to us for 2 days. How grateful I am to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know the joy and happiness I have in my life comes from living the gospel principles.
Once in a while God creates a giant among men...these men are truly special witnesses of Jesus Christ.
I so enjoyed every talk in conference. I felt there were lots of talks on family, parenthood, and raising our children. Also I felt they talked a lot about staying strong through trials and looking to our Savior and His atoning sacrifice for strength. Some of my favorite quotes were
"Never let an earthly circumstance disable you."
"In our hour of deepest sorrow we can find peace in these words, He is risen."
"There is no greater good in the world than motherhood."
"Your testimony of Christ will touch your child's soul--they will remember." (Bear your testimony to them often)
(***I don't know if these are exact quotes because I was trying to write them down while listening but they are close.***)

We got to go to the Saturday Afternoon Session of Conference. I so enjoy being able to go to the live session when I can. The spirit you feel in there is just amazing! After the session I was full of joy and happiness. I was so happy to know my purpose in life. As we were leaving I thought of so many people in the world that feel lost and don't know their Savior. I wanted to scream from the roof top that if you want true joy and happiness in your life I know how you can achieve it!
Mom, Kenna, and Sarah
Kenzie, me, Kenna, and Sarah
Mike and I
Caleb and Sarah (Caleb is my brother. He and Sarah just got engaged on March 31st.)
Waiting for the parentals to finish talking.
My wonderful, handsome hubby!
The temple in its beauty
The conference center

Easter was great. It was fun to have the family with us.
Here is what the Easter Bunny brought.
The girls dyeing eggs
Maddie dying eggs
Kenzie helping the girls dye the eggs
They enjoy it so much
Maddie on the Easter egg hunt
Mayli on the egg hunt
Kate on the egg hunt
The girls were so great a sharing. They wanted to make sure Madilyn had enough eggs. It was so sweet.
My girls and their cousin Kayla with their findings

Maddie eating some of her treats
Mayli is such a cheese. Such a fun personality!
Katelyn looking at what she got
My Dad!
Caleb and Sarah
My mom with the girls
Kate and her BFF Kenzie. She loved Aunt Kenzie and had so much fun with her this weekend. She can't wait until we go up for graduation.
Kenna! She wouldn't let me take a picture of her but she finally did!!!! Easter was wonderful and what better way to spend it than listening to the prophet and apostles testify of Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for my Savior and for His love.