Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kate turns 6!

My whole life seems to be a bit behind lately. And though I really should be cleaning...I don't feel good so I'll blog about Katelyn's birthday instead. Kate turned 6 on July 3, 2010. She is growing up so fast and is such a beautiful little girl. She has such an amazing spirit and she is so sweet. She rarely ever gets into trouble and is always trying to help out and take care of everyone. She likes to ride her bike, draw/color, read books, play with her sisters, and play video games. She starts 1st grade this year and I can't believe she is getting so old. Here are some pictures throughout the years.

Baby Kate born July 3, 2004. She was sweet from day one!

Katelyn age 1

Katelyn age 2 (anyone else think she looks a little like Maddie in this picture?)

Katelyn age 3

Katelyn age 4

Katelyn age 5

Katelyn age 6...after a fun day of swimming with cousins we had a party. She was so excited for all her presents.
Lava lamp from Papa and Grandma Clayton

Kate with her slip 'n slide from Papa and Grandma Wright.
Afterwards we had cupcakes. The next week we took the girls to build-a-bear so they could get something for their bears and then went to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate Kate's birthday. But I forgot to bring the camera. Kate had fun and we are so grateful to have her in our family! Happy Birthday Katelyn! We love you!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Catch Up Time!

Well it has been a super busy past few weeks. And since I mostly do this blog for journaling purposes...I better not miss the fun events that have been happening! :) First off we got a picture of our baby already! I had a doctor appointment on my birthday and the doctor decided we could do an ultrasound! :) The baby is measuring just right and the heart was beating perfectly! So here is a picture:
Our cute baby! Can't wait to find out what we are having!

I had to post this super cute picture of Madilyn!

Next set of pictures is from a wedding I was in for my friend Tanya from high school. She asked me to be her bridesmaid and I was super excited! I also got to make their wedding cake. The wedding was on June 26th up in Montana so I went up and stayed with my family for 6 days which was super fun too!

Here is the top of the cake. I made each flower by hand. It was very time consuming. But it ended up being quite beautiful!

Here is the full cake. It was super yummy too...the chocolate on top made it really rich.

Here is the wedding party

Tanya and me
Next big event not even a week after Tanya's wedding was Mike's brother Matt's wedding. I'm a lucky girl...I get 3 sister in-laws this year! Jacky joined the family in January, Michelle joined the family in July, and Sarah is marrying my little brother in August! I'm so lucky to have these lovely ladies in my life now! :) Here are some pictures of the fun day on July 1st!
We had a wedding brunch before the wedding and here is Matt (the groom) reading to some of his neices and nephew.

The decorations were so pretty for the was one of the tables

Here are all the Wright grandchildren! The were so cute! Grandma Sherie made all the little skirts and everyone who saw them commented on how cute the girls were! SaraAnne made the cute flowers for their hair too! This is the kids on the steps of the temple while we were waiting for Matt and Michelle to come out of the temple!

Waiting more...Mike and I

Jacky, Mark, Amy, and Tim...still waiting....

Me doing my awesome pose....I had the cutest red shoes...but this picture didn't have them in it.

So here they are! Super cute huh!?

Yay! They made it out! Looking so happy and so in love! :)

Here are Matt and Michelle with all their nieces and nephews. The kids were a little tired and so did not want to take pictures anymore!

The cute couple! Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Wright

The candy bar at the reception

Madilyn looking at the yummy cupcakes!

Everyone was having so much fun is Maddie and Daddy dancing

Here is the carriage Matt and Michelle took to their hotel
Right before they left! It was a fun, busy, long, and lovely day. Congratulations to Matt and Michelle we love you!
Next exciting event was Katelyn's birthday! She is now 6! WOW! I'm going to actually dedicate a whole post to her later once we finish all the celebrations! :) She got lots of fun gifts and enjoyed celebrating her b-day at Grandma and Papa Wright's house!
Here she is with one of her gifts.

Finally last event of those 2 crazy weeks....Independance Day! I absolutely love living in Utah! Because we are commanded to keep the Sabbath Day holy we were able to celebrate the 4th on July 3rd so we could spend Sunday as we should. We got to go to a fun show and then watch fireworks after. It was so much fun and we enjoyed the fireworks so much! How blessed we are to live in a free country! God Bless America!
Here are Mike and Mayli at the show

Katelyn at the show

Madilyn dancing to the music at the show.
That about sums it up! It is nice to finally be home and to have things slow down a bit! :)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Our Joy Increases

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks and I have lots of posts to there will be a lot in the next few days.

For those of you who don't know! I'm pregnant! We are very excited for baby #4! The baby is due on February 3, 2011 and we are so excited. The due date is extra fun because it's my dad's birthday...maybe we'll get lucky this time and have the baby on the due date! I found out during the day so I decided it would be fun to have the girls tell Mike. I made them all shirts that said: "New Big Sister on 2-3-11". Madilyn would not put hers on...little stink! But the other 2 were really excited to tell Daddy. When he came home from work the girls yelled,"Mommy's having a baby!" It was so fun! Here are some pictures!

Madilyn by her shirt



The 3 hard to get a nice pic! They are so silly!

Kate and Mayli

Below is a video of the girls telling Daddy:
I told Mike that it would be a 5 more days before I would know I was pregnant so he was completely surprised that I had found out as early as I did.