Monday, July 05, 2010

Our Joy Increases

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks and I have lots of posts to there will be a lot in the next few days.

For those of you who don't know! I'm pregnant! We are very excited for baby #4! The baby is due on February 3, 2011 and we are so excited. The due date is extra fun because it's my dad's birthday...maybe we'll get lucky this time and have the baby on the due date! I found out during the day so I decided it would be fun to have the girls tell Mike. I made them all shirts that said: "New Big Sister on 2-3-11". Madilyn would not put hers on...little stink! But the other 2 were really excited to tell Daddy. When he came home from work the girls yelled,"Mommy's having a baby!" It was so fun! Here are some pictures!

Madilyn by her shirt



The 3 hard to get a nice pic! They are so silly!

Kate and Mayli

Below is a video of the girls telling Daddy:
I told Mike that it would be a 5 more days before I would know I was pregnant so he was completely surprised that I had found out as early as I did.


Tani Ireland said...

Congratulations! What a fun way to tell Mike!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Way cute! i can see the excitement of everyone.

La Famiglia Dowland said...

Yay...congrats!! I didn't know you were expecting! I found your blog on facebook, btw... -Sarah Dowland...and the blog that is my english blog is the one I am leaving a post with is my italian blog for my mission buddies.