Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Kate's first day of Kindergarten! I can't believe she is that old! She has been so excited to go for a long time! Last night before she went to bed I told her that tomorrow was the big day! She woke up this morning at 6:45 and yelled at me from her room, "Mom I've got to get to school!" She couldn't wait and she had to wait a long time cuz she is in afternoon kindergarten. Finally it was time to get ready to go and after I got her all ready we took some pictures.

Katelyn so big and so ready for Kindergarten!

Look at that cute pose! She knows she's cute! :)
Finally it was time I said, "it's time to go!" and she squealed, "Yipee!" and ran to the door! She couldn't wait...of course I had to take more pictures! Finally we were on our way to the school!

We got there and Katelyn just walked away and was so excited. She didn't even say goodbye! Of course I made her come back and give me a big hug! :) Her teacher came out and she walked right up to her and waved goodbye. I stood around and waited for a few minutes until finally...

Her teacher took them inside. I was doing ok until I saw her little head go through the door. My eyes got a little teary (good thing I had my sunglasses on) and I took a deep breath and held back the tears...knowing that my little girl was growing up and today she made a step up in her independence level and doesn't need me as much anymore. (Celeste you made me all blubbery from your blog post...and my words aren't nearly as inspirational as yours...maybe I should just copy and paste...hmmmm!) :) She was a changed little girl from here on out...she will never be that same little girl I had at home all day with me yesterday. I know she will love school (even if she is a bit tired and cranky afterwards) :) I'm excited for her new independence and know that she is an amazing girl who will touch many people's lives for good! Love you Katelyn Marie! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There seems to be a theme in my life lately...and I love it!

Well I've decided I love purses and yes I already got a new one! I got this one at Shopko too...55% off how could I refuse!? My favorite is still my yellow one but I love this one too! Now I have a black one, yellow one, and a green one. My next one will be brown. :) I love purses and it is fun to switch inbetween a few different ones! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Mothers Tile

Well I was having one of those days yesterday. I felt like I had a million things to do and all I wanted to do was get my house to a point where I wouldn't be embarassed to open the door if someone came to visit. Maddie had dance class in the morning quickly followed by a Relief Society meeting. We came home ate lunch...ramen noodles ended up all over my already very messy kitchen. While I was putting Maddie to sleep Mayli came and spilled yogurt all over Madilyn's door and carpet (that was fun to step into as I was coming out the door). I finally got the girls to go play out back for a minute so I could clean up the yogurt and ramen noodles. While I was doing that the girls turned the hose on and hadn't fully closed the back door and ended up spraying water in the house. I was going nuts! I was able to get the dishes done and the counter cleaned off before we had to run again. After some stops to figure out where I was supposed to pick up the stuff for our soccer team we are coaching and dropping off some things to a friend we were off to the doctor for Madilyn. Maddie has a sinus infection and she is on an antibiotic so I hope that soon she will finally feel better. While I was at the pharmacy waiting for her prescription to be filled I was looking around and I saw this tile and the saying on it was just what I needed to read. It says:

"Good mothers have sticky floors, filthy ovens, and Happy Kids!"

Sometimes I need these reminders that just because my house isn't always imaculate like some peoples doesn't mean that I'm an awful person. I do keep it clean enough and if the toys are all over the floor 5 minutes after I pick up its ok. And the fact that right after I just put the mop away someone spills juice all over the floor or they track in mud from outside its ok too. I always keep telling myself oh if I can just get the house really clean then I'll keep it up...but never fail it always gets messy again. Some weeks are good and some weeks are bad...this week is a bad week I guess. (Don't worry I did get up at 6am and my house is finally clean for a minute! :))
Notice the food all the way over by the back door and the milk spilled all over the blinds...yep she is the culprit but she is so darn cute and I have to remember to really enjoy this phase of life! And just look at that happy smile! :)

Life is Good!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Olivia Jade Salon & Spa

Olivia Jade Salon & Spa
27 West Hillcrest Road
Saratoga Springs, UT(801) 768-4552
Hey guys! I've got to tell you about a spa in Saratoga! It's awesome! They have so many services you can choose from. From getting a hair cut and styled to a massage. I love all the different services they provide and best of all it is so close! They do manicures, pedicures, nails, waxing, massages, facials, microderm, and of course haircuts and coloring. Go check it won't be disappointed! :)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Cute new purse!

Yesterday we went out with some friends for dinner and before we met the girls did a little shopping. We saw some super cute purses but decided to be good budgeters (is that a word and if it is did I spell it right?) and not to buy them. We met our hubbies for dinner and kept talking about these super cute purses we wanted to get. Well by the end of the dinner they gave us money and said go get your purses! (Brownie Points!) :) We jumped right up and ran to go get the purses! Here is mine! It's a super cute yellow purse! It's a happy purse and I love it!

Montana Trip and Family Reunion

I got to go home to Montana for about a week and it was so much fun to be home! I got to drive home with my little brother Caleb and we had a good time. On the way to my parents house I got to stop at Carli's (my sister) house. We spent the night and had so much fun! We even got to go to the kiddy frog pool that is FREE! Hello awesome! The kids had so much fun!
The girls all ready to go swimming





Then we headed off to Glendive, my hometown, it was so nice to be back since it has been over a year since I had been home last. I got to see one of my best friends from high school and it was so fun to catch up! It was fun and a highlight was the flowers and chocolates Mike gave me which I already blogged about.

Beautiful Eastern Montana!

Me and Mallika (my friend from HS)

On the way back I rode with my parents to a family reunion where we met Mike. We had 9 people we needed to fit in an 8 passenger suburban...It was so much fun we were laughing so hard and it reminded me of the good 'ol family trips we would go on. Kate, May, and Maddie were in the back seat and Me, Caleb, Kenzie, and Kenna were in the middle seat. It was so funny. Kenna, Caleb, and Kenzie all stuck their feet up inbetween Mom and Dad and it was so funny too (my legs were way too short). We only had to drive like this for 1 hour and 10 minutes until we met up with Carli and Ryan. Kenzie then drove with them.

We got to the reunion and we had a fun time. Here are some pictures.

Mayli carrying Maddie being 'oh so helpful'....

Daddy pushing Kate in the swing

Evie and Maddie giving me a hug


Cute Daddy and Madilyn

All of us ready to sing happy b-day to everyone

It was so fun to be home and the family reunion was great! What a wonderful time!

Monday, August 03, 2009

6 Wonderful Years!

Six years ago on August 1, 2003 Mike and I were married for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. It has been an wonderful six years being married to the most amazing man! How grateful I am for him and our 3 beautiful girls! Yipee for happiness! :)

Our engagement picture

One of my bridal shots

My hot husband!

Mike and I


Us in front of the temple

My sister in law SaraAnne made this for us! Isn't it so pretty! Thanks Sara!

Sunday, August 02, 2009


A couple weeks ago our ward was split. We had over 750 members which consisted of 230 primary kids and 50 nursery kids; we also had a huge youth program. It was a huge ward but so much fun. We had such a great time together. I had the oppurtunity to be primary president in this ward and I loved it. We were split and now I'm in the 11th ward. They took 2 wards and made it into 3. It's been interesting to see how the church works and it's amazing how we already are starting to feel like a ward and have unity. Our bishopric is truely amazing and I know that they were called from Heavenly Father. I miss so many people from the 3rd ward but I am glad we have friendships that will last. And thank heavens for blogging and facebook so I can stay updated. Mike and I both got calls in our new ward. I'm now 1st Counselor in the Relief Society and Mike is the membership clerk. I'm so excited to be in RS and can't wait to see how this organization works. I love the gospel and I'm so happy to be a member of the church. Since this really is mostly my journal, a lot of the time, I have to write about little Mayli. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and when it was almost over Mayli asked Mike if she could go bear her testimony. He said she could but she had to do it by herself without help. We have been giving them the oppurtunity in FHE to bear their testimonies to be able to do it by themself in sacrament. A child's testimony is pure and wonderful but if you have a parent there telling them what to say it isn't coming from the child. Mike told her that he would stand up there with her but she had to say it by herself. She said ok and they walked up. She climbed up on the little stand and pulled the microphone down and bore her testimony. She did amazing and had so much confidence. She said she knew the church was true and was thankful for her family. Then in primary the primary president asked a question no one answered and Mayli raised her hand and knew the answer. She is an amazing little girl. I can't wait to see what she does with her life.