Friday, August 07, 2009

Montana Trip and Family Reunion

I got to go home to Montana for about a week and it was so much fun to be home! I got to drive home with my little brother Caleb and we had a good time. On the way to my parents house I got to stop at Carli's (my sister) house. We spent the night and had so much fun! We even got to go to the kiddy frog pool that is FREE! Hello awesome! The kids had so much fun!
The girls all ready to go swimming





Then we headed off to Glendive, my hometown, it was so nice to be back since it has been over a year since I had been home last. I got to see one of my best friends from high school and it was so fun to catch up! It was fun and a highlight was the flowers and chocolates Mike gave me which I already blogged about.

Beautiful Eastern Montana!

Me and Mallika (my friend from HS)

On the way back I rode with my parents to a family reunion where we met Mike. We had 9 people we needed to fit in an 8 passenger suburban...It was so much fun we were laughing so hard and it reminded me of the good 'ol family trips we would go on. Kate, May, and Maddie were in the back seat and Me, Caleb, Kenzie, and Kenna were in the middle seat. It was so funny. Kenna, Caleb, and Kenzie all stuck their feet up inbetween Mom and Dad and it was so funny too (my legs were way too short). We only had to drive like this for 1 hour and 10 minutes until we met up with Carli and Ryan. Kenzie then drove with them.

We got to the reunion and we had a fun time. Here are some pictures.

Mayli carrying Maddie being 'oh so helpful'....

Daddy pushing Kate in the swing

Evie and Maddie giving me a hug


Cute Daddy and Madilyn

All of us ready to sing happy b-day to everyone

It was so fun to be home and the family reunion was great! What a wonderful time!


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

YAY! for family reunions! Just got home from mine about 1 1/2 hours ago! We were in hobble creek canyon- Kelly's grove! we started Friday night and ended today... YAY! so much fun. I will blog all about it in the next few days!

racefan said...

Looks like you all had a GREAT time:) I love getting together with my family whenever we get the chance!

Celeste said...

Oh, I am so jealous! It looks like you all had so much fun. I totally wish I could have been there. :) Next time...