Friday, September 09, 2011

First Days of School

School has started and Katelyn, Mayli, and Madilyn all started on different days each 1 week apart. Katelyn is in 2nd grade now and is loving it! She thinks it is pretty awesome that she can now read chapter books and she gets to eat before the 1st graders! She started on August 23rd.
She is growing up so fast and enjoys school and her new teacher.
A picture of all 4 girls before we took Katelyn to school.
Kate in her classroom.
Mayli started Kindergarten and she is loving it. May started on August 30th. She loves being at 'Kate's big school' and thinks it is fun she gets to go everyday. She had her outfit picked out exactly how she wanted it. She wanted to wear her black outfit, black shoes, black headband, and 2 piggies with black hair ties. She asked if she could wear black nailpolish and lipstick...I told her that was a little too much black so we compromised and she got to wear my glittery lip gloss for the first day.

The 2 girls with Mayli before we took her to school.

Mayli in her classroom after she found her desk. She was pretty excited!

The girls get to ride the bus which saves me an extreme amount of time. They enjoy riding the bus and here is Mayli on her 1st day riding the bus. Katelyn was such a good helper and made sure Mayli was taken care of.
The girls getting on the bus.

Just Juliet and Madi left at home. Madi was so tired this day that she was still sleeping when we had to head to the bus stop. I had to wake her up and put her in the stroller because she was too tired to walk. She held Juliet very nicely the whole way there and back.

Madi started pre-school on September 6th. She was so excited to go to school that day. When the girls were leaving to go catch the bus Madi was playing and realized her sisters were leaving so she grabbed her backpack and started running out the door. As she was rushing out she waved and said, "Bye Mom." I caught her and told her she can't ride the bus because she is going to a different school. She was so upset and just wanted to ride the bus and go to school. I finally calmed her down and we were able to get 1 good picture of her.

We she got home I asked her how school was and she told me that if you were naughty you had to go to the corner. I asked her if she had been naughty and she said, "No, teacher won't let me get my backpack. I not naughty, teacher naughty." It was so funny. I explained to her the importance of listening to the teacher and following the rules. I also had Kate and Mayli tell her how they act at school and the importance of listening to the teacher. I'm happy to report that on her 2nd day she was much more happy. She said that she followed the rules and said "teacher nice".

Just Madi and Juliet left on our way to drop off Madilyn. It is nice to have 2 days a week with just one little one for 3 hours. All the girls are loving school, their teachers, and the new things they are learning. Mommy is excited to get back onto a schedule and enjoying quiet time every once in a while. Yay for school!