Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Utah Symphony-Billy Joel Style!

On September 7th Mike and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Utah Symphony with Mike's dad.  It was so much fun and I enjoyed every minute of it!  It was a Billy Joel Tribute by Michael Cavanaugh .  It was so wonderful and I was smiling the whole time!  I loved it!  

All ready for a night my attempt to be cool like the teenagers and take a picture of me in the bathroom mirror?  Yah I'm that cool!  :)

Me, Dad, and Mike!  What a fun night!  Dinner and the symphony!   It was awesome!  


On August 21st we got to go to Wicked!  I have wanted to see the show forever and Broadway Across America came here and we were able to snag some tickets!  It was an amazing show!  I loved it!  What made it even more fun is we got to share the night with a lot of Mike's family.  It was a wonderful evening and a dream come true!  

Eating at Olive Garden before the show.

Me and Sara got to sit by each other!  It was so fun!

The Wright girls that were able to go...we missed you Michelle!

All of us after the show!  

Mike and I 

My program and ticket!  What an amazing night!  I loved it!  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Days of School

Katelyn and Mayli started school on August 21st.  They were both so super excited to start.  Here are pictures from their first day.

Katie ready for 3rd grade!

Mayli ready for 1st grade

Two sisters ready for school!

Dropping the girls off at school...complete with Juliet and Madi in their jammies!  

Madi started Pre-K on August 27th!  She was so excited she finally got to go.  She was so upset on the other girls' first day because she was sure that it was her first day too.  So she was so happy it was finally her 1st day of school.

Had to add all these of the 4 girls because they were all so cute!

Love these cute girls!  They love school and I love that they love to learn!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Porter Family Reunion 2012

The Porter Family Reunion was August 16, 17, and 18.  We had so much fun!!!  Thursday night we had dinner and went swimming, played volleyball, and just enjoyed one another's company.  Friday morning was breakfast and the Kid's Carnival.  This year was pirate themed and the girls are still talking about the awesome pirate party we had.  

Aunt Julie trying to get all the kids to listen...boy this was a chore.  She did so great and the kids were so excited!

Pirate Juliet...yes...this is the best picture I could get of her.

Pirate Madi

Below are pictures of some the fun games they got to play.

Madi always posing.  :)

Juliet walking the Plank over the 'Shark Filled Water'.  It was so cute!

Juliet conquered the plank and won a shark...which she adored! 

Mayli throwing treasure into the treasure boxes

Pirate Katie

Trying to pop those 'balls' off their feet

Pirate Mayli

Jewels waiting to play

Pirate Madi with her awesome bear prize!

Craft time!

And whats a pirate party without an awesome treasure hunt???  

Grandma and Grandpa Porter with the treasures for the older 'kids'

Dunk tank fun!

So much fun!

I got Mike and Madi! :)

Yummy lunch time!

Me and Jeanette chillin' by the pool as the kids swam.

Pool fun again!  Boy these kids LOVE this pool!

May making a splash

Katie was brave and swimming in the deep end.

A picture of the girls with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Porter.  They are so lucky to be able to have some great-grandparents left.  What a joy they are in our lives and what a wonderful legacy they have.  We sure love them so much!  The reunion was so much fun and we enjoy being able to attend each year!  Family is so wonderful and time with them is so precious!   

Youth Conference 2012

August 9-11 Mike and I had the opportunity to go to youth conference with our stake.  We were tribal parents at this Book of Mormon themed youth conference.  We had a fun time.  We spent most days watching re-enactments from the Book of Mormon.  It was great conference and I enjoyed the spirit we felt while there.  One day there was a torrential downpour that flooded our tents.  Prayers were said and the rain ceased when it was time for it to.  The most wonderful experience for me was the re-enactment of the Savior coming to America.  It was amazing as our Stake President who was re-enacting the Savior came and hugged each one of us.  The spirit was so strong and I cannot wait for the day when I can see the Savior.  It was a great weekend and I hope the youth learned a lot.  

Mike and I 

Bishop talking the the youth

Our ward writing their testimonies on 'gold plates'

Our youth talking about the title of liberty for our ward

Our youth were amazing and they wrote an amazing title of liberty it said:

"We the youth of the EM 11th Ward will call upon our Lord and Savior to strengthen us in our families, homes, testimonies, beliefs, virtue, and weaknesses.  With His help, we commit to share His truths with the world and our families which can be eternal."  

Yes...I serve with the coolest youth in the world!!!! :)

Mine and Mike's tribe was from The Waters of Mormon and this was our tribal flag.

The final battle re-enactment.  It was a lovely weekend and I'm glad that we were able to go.  I was so thankful to Amanda and Ethan for taking the time to watch our girls so we could go!  When we arrived home we found this on our bed.  Katie had written us a letter for when we got home.

It was so sweet!  
The girls missed us but they had an awesome time with Aunt Amy and Uncle Ethan

They got to go to the fair and they loved it!  

Madi's face paint

Katie's face paint

Mayli's paint on her arm