Wednesday, October 31, 2012


On August 21st we got to go to Wicked!  I have wanted to see the show forever and Broadway Across America came here and we were able to snag some tickets!  It was an amazing show!  I loved it!  What made it even more fun is we got to share the night with a lot of Mike's family.  It was a wonderful evening and a dream come true!  

Eating at Olive Garden before the show.

Me and Sara got to sit by each other!  It was so fun!

The Wright girls that were able to go...we missed you Michelle!

All of us after the show!  

Mike and I 

My program and ticket!  What an amazing night!  I loved it!  

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Heidi Walls said...

So fun... I admire you and your family so much. I hope one day i have and will raise a family like the wrights. I love my in-law's and family.