Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Days of School

Katelyn and Mayli started school on August 21st.  They were both so super excited to start.  Here are pictures from their first day.

Katie ready for 3rd grade!

Mayli ready for 1st grade

Two sisters ready for school!

Dropping the girls off at school...complete with Juliet and Madi in their jammies!  

Madi started Pre-K on August 27th!  She was so excited she finally got to go.  She was so upset on the other girls' first day because she was sure that it was her first day too.  So she was so happy it was finally her 1st day of school.

Had to add all these of the 4 girls because they were all so cute!

Love these cute girls!  They love school and I love that they love to learn!

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