Sunday, October 14, 2012

Porter Family Reunion 2012

The Porter Family Reunion was August 16, 17, and 18.  We had so much fun!!!  Thursday night we had dinner and went swimming, played volleyball, and just enjoyed one another's company.  Friday morning was breakfast and the Kid's Carnival.  This year was pirate themed and the girls are still talking about the awesome pirate party we had.  

Aunt Julie trying to get all the kids to listen...boy this was a chore.  She did so great and the kids were so excited!

Pirate Juliet...yes...this is the best picture I could get of her.

Pirate Madi

Below are pictures of some the fun games they got to play.

Madi always posing.  :)

Juliet walking the Plank over the 'Shark Filled Water'.  It was so cute!

Juliet conquered the plank and won a shark...which she adored! 

Mayli throwing treasure into the treasure boxes

Pirate Katie

Trying to pop those 'balls' off their feet

Pirate Mayli

Jewels waiting to play

Pirate Madi with her awesome bear prize!

Craft time!

And whats a pirate party without an awesome treasure hunt???  

Grandma and Grandpa Porter with the treasures for the older 'kids'

Dunk tank fun!

So much fun!

I got Mike and Madi! :)

Yummy lunch time!

Me and Jeanette chillin' by the pool as the kids swam.

Pool fun again!  Boy these kids LOVE this pool!

May making a splash

Katie was brave and swimming in the deep end.

A picture of the girls with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Porter.  They are so lucky to be able to have some great-grandparents left.  What a joy they are in our lives and what a wonderful legacy they have.  We sure love them so much!  The reunion was so much fun and we enjoy being able to attend each year!  Family is so wonderful and time with them is so precious!   

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