Sunday, May 02, 2010

Family Fun Times!

What fun family is! We got to go to Temple Square in SLC with Mike's family on April 23rd. We went and had dinner and then went to the Joseph Smith movie at the Legacy Theater. After the movie I asked Katelyn and Mayli what their favorite parts were. Mayli said,"I liked it when Joseph was healing all the sick people." Katelyn said, "I liked it when Joseph yelled at those men when he was in jail." While she told me this she held her fist tight just as he did in the movie. It was so special to have them watch this movie and talk to them about it. Afterwards we went to walk around. The temple was absolutely beautiful!

Here we are having fun!
The Cousins
Our little family!
Gangsta Dede
Having fun walking around
Mike's mom and me
Mom, me, Maddie, and SaraAnne
Me and Maddie. We were all getting a little bored and wanted to go home but Mike's mom was so adamant that we stay until 9:30pm. We didn't know why until.......
Matt and Michelle surprised us from Delaware!!!!
And super extra surprise they are engaged!!!! Wedding on July 1st! We are so excited!!!!! YIPEE!!!!
The next day we got to go watch Tim play tennis. They won of course! :)
Matt and Michelle helped so much with the kids. Matt doing the bunny hop with the kids and Michelle dancing with Maddie

It was a wonderful time and we were so happy! We are so excited to welcome Michelle into the family! :) Family is the BEST!!!

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Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Yay for families. I hope i can have my own family someday and a family like the wright's. I hope and want to raise a family like that. Michelle is a natural.