Sunday, December 05, 2010

Thanksgiving and Gingerbread houses!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving! We started the day out signing the papers to refinance our house. We were able to get a new, much lower rate! We were so excited and so happy we were able to get it taken care of! We then headed off to Mike's Aunt and Uncles house. We walked in and they had decorated it so cute...all the tables had cute centerpieces and everyone had their place with their name. It was so cute! We had a lovely time. The food was fantastic!

We then headed off to Mike's parents house. We spent time together as a family and enjoyed being together. We spent the night and the next day we made gingerbread houses! It is one of my most favorite days of the year! I of course forgot my camera so I didn't get pictures of any thing. Here is our gingerbread city and each house:
Our gingerbread city
Madilyn's house. She put on every piece of candy. She did such a great job!

Mayli's house. She did it all by herself (I did help her with the door). It is fun to see the kids really getting into it and being so creative!

Katelyn's house. She did it all by herself too. They had so much fun picking out candy.

Dede's house

Mike's house.
It was a lovely holiday! We had a great time and enjoyed remembering and thinking of things we are thankful for!


Krista Neil said...

So cute they each get to do their own!

Celeste said...

What a totally fun tradition! How fun! Glad you had a good holiday. Love you guys!