Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poor Madi...

Well the afternoon was going just normal...I got the girls their afternoon snack and after they were done I sat down to enjoy a lovely bowl of ice cream. The girls were running around and I heard someone fall and Madi started screaming here is why:

Madilyn had fallen and knocked in her rightside front tooth and the tooth next to it. (This is an after picture after it was fixed) The culprit:

This little gem...the recorder (which by the way I had already taken away from Madilyn 10 min earlier). I'm not 100% sure what really one would tell me the real story...I guess in fear that they might get in trouble. I think Mayli was chasing Madi and of course she was running with the recorder in her mouth...she tripped and fell and the recorder knocked in her teeth. Ok it was just confirmed...apparently Kate and May were both chasing Madi and at the time Mayli was the one that was right behind her when she fell and Kate was still in the back of the house. Anyway I ran over to her and I looked and saw her teeth and all the blood. She was screaming and there was so much blood. All I could say was, "Oh no, no, no, no! Oh no!" And hold back the tears and try not to cry. I got a cloth and had her hold it in her mouth. I wasn't quite sure who to call or what to do. So I called the pediatrician first who told me to call the dentist. I called our dentist and they told me they'd wait for me to come in so they could see what they could do for her. Luckily Kenzie (my sister) was here and she was able to watch Kate and May while I ran Madi down to the dentist.

Here is a picture of how Madilyn has been holding her mouth most of the night when there isn't a cloth in it. We got to the dentist and we were able to get her to cooperate enough to get an x-ray and see if the teeth had broken inside her gums. The x-rays showed that they had just been knocked out of their sockets. I decided to have him try to push them back into place (which was so not fun for her) because there is a possibility her teeth can be saved. We are going in, in 2 weeks for their 6 month cleaning and he will check then and see if the teeth are doing ok. There is a possibility that the teeth will die because they had been detached from the nerves. Sometimes though they re-attach and everything is ok. So we will just wait and see what happens.

This is a picture after it was pushed back into place but you can kinda see how it is crooked and loose.

This pic sums up how she feels!
But she'll still give us smiles!
She got a blessing from Daddy and seems to be doing better now. She won't talk at all...must be because it hurts too bad. The bleeding has finally slowed and almost stopped. But she isn't being very helpful in letting me see how things are going inside her mouth. She just wants to keep it shut now. Maybe we'll have more progress tomorrow. It is rather weird this happened today. Because 2 days before I had Madi, Katelyn had to get stitches on her forehead. Why not have a nice tramatic injury right before the baby is supposed to be born???? For now Madi has to be careful what she eats and can't use her front teeth at all to chew. We'll see how well that goes. She was a trooper today and did very well with the dentist. We are hoping the teeth will be ok and that they will live. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Excited for Baby #4

Well we are so excited for our new baby to make her appearance soon. Getting prepared has been a process but we finally have the nursery all done and everything else ready. So I thought I'd post up some pictures of the baby's room.
Here I am at 37 weeks.
Here is the baby's room. You will have to excuse the soon as I put new ones up...they look like this within just a day or two!

Here is the crib and window.

I scheduled an induction date with my doctor so the plan is to have the baby on January 28th. So we will see if everything goes as planned. We are excited for her to be here soon. The plan is to name her Juliet Celeste Wright. Katelyn, Mayli, and Madi are so excited for their baby sister and she is going to be so loved and very welcome in our home.