Sunday, October 09, 2011

Days Never to be Forgotten

I would be ungrateful if I did not record and share the wonderful experience I had being blessed to be a part of the woman's choir for the General Relief Society Meeting. The theme for our choir was, "These were days never to be forgotten." And truly they were days never to be forgotten. The experience was amazing; the Spirit was abundant and the blessings were plentiful.

I had heard at a Relief Society Training for our stake that our stake would be included in the woman's choir for conference. I was so excited hoping that my bishop would choose me. I talked to Mike about it and he told me as they were discussing names in Bishopric that my name did come up but they thought there were others that needed it more than I did. I told Mike that, that was ok and there probably were many other sisters that needed the experience more than I did. Secretly I was hoping and yearning for the experience and that maybe they would consider me again. A couple weeks later I was called into the Bishop's office with Mike and the Bishop called me to be in the choir. I graciously accepted the call jumping for joy inside. I had always wanted to sing in conference ever since I was a little girl.

How grateful I am for my wonderful supportive husband who took care of the kids week after week while I was at practices. Dealing with a screaming baby who hated bottles and just wanted Mom to nurse her; and to add to the craziness the 3 other children. Many times I came home to a freshly cleaned home, 3 of the children in bed, and my husband cuddling with the baby on the couch. How grateful I am for him and for his unwavering support in my callings. I am so richly blessed!

The practices were always filled with the spirit. I had to opportunity to each week to hear a member of the Relief Society General Board speak to us. We also had amazing support from our wonderful priesthood leaders; each week the stand would be full of priesthood leaders who would be there supporting the sisters in each of the stakes. We would hear wonderful council from one of them weekly also. We also got to meet the amazing couple in charge of putting together the guest choirs for conference. They were so loving and kind and well amazing. The choir director was wonderful and she has changed my life. She always had something amazing to say and we were so blessed to be taught by her. At one particular practice she bore her testimony of the Savior and right after we sang 'I Know that my Redeemer Lives'. The Spirit was so strong I cannot even express the feelings I had but there was not a dry eye in the room.

I also had the opportunity to hear Julie Beck, Silvia Allred, and Barbara Thompson of the General Relief Society presidency speak to us. It was an amazing experience to hear all the stories of why they chose the songs they chose; why we wear the white shirts, black skirts, and corsages; and to be blessed to hear their amazing testimonies, feel of their spirits, and see their amazing countenances. The light of Christ shines from them and illuminates the room when they walk in. As we were practicing before the conference I could feel when Sister Beck walked in the room; I could feel of her spirit and the whole atmosphere changed as she came in. She truly is a woman of God and has been called by the Lord to serve in this capacity. I have always admired her but being so close to her and seeing the beauty she has because she has so much charity was just astounding.

As I sat in the conference center as we were waiting for the conference to start an overwhelming feeling of love from my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ enveloped me. I was overcome with emotion as I sat there knowing that I was called to do this because the Lord knew I needed this. He knew my struggles and the things going on in my life and He knew that this is exactly what I needed. He loved me, Diedre Wright, enough to bless my life with this. It strengthened me beyond what words can even express. It was simply amazing and I'm so grateful for this wonderful opportunity. It was amazing!


Cheesecake Wedding Cake

I was able to make a cheesecake for a wedding for a friend of a friend. It turned out great. It was cheesecake with chocolate cream cheese frosting and white chocolate shavings on top. It turned out beautiful and the bride loved it.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Family Pictures

We had family pictures done over the past month. The first 3 are from Endless Memories Photography, Olya always does such a great job.

The next set were taken by SaraAnne, Mike's sister. They turned out so great. It is always fun to have Sara take our pictures and she does an amazing job!

Love this!

My handsome hubby and my beautiful girlies! I love this! They are all smiling and all looking at the camera! That never happens!

I love Mike. He's always making me laugh!

Mr. Hottie! Looking good!

Juliet and her cuteness and amazing blue eyes!

My busy little Madi! She is so cute!

Mayli is growing up! Just beautiful!

Kate is getting so grown up! She is beautiful!

I love my man and my girls! I'm so blessed to have such a beautiful family!

Juliet is 7 and now 8 Months Old!

Juliet is 8 months old!

Stats for this Month:
Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz
Height: 27 inches

Juliet has had an eventful 2 months. During her 7th month she finally drank a bottle of formula for me. She also started crying when she couldn't see me in the room with her. Jewels started eating 2nd foods and eating solid foods 2 times a day. She would scoot all over the house and could move her legs but couldn't quite figure out how to move her arms. She also started eating crackers and cereal puffs.

During her 8th month Juliet finally would sit still long enough and could sit up all by herself. She worked so hard trying to learn how to crawl and finally mastered crawling and has been exploring the whole house. She also learned how to pull herself up all over on to the couches, stairs, and anything she can get her hands on. She can climb the steps up into the kitchen and loves to explore. She is into everything and puts everything in her mouth. She also loves to say dada. Her eyes have finally turned a gorgeous blue and they are stunning. She is so fun and is usually happy most of the time! Happy 8 months Juliet!

Mayli Can Ride a Two-Wheeler

Mayli learned to ride a two-wheeler bike! Katelyn helped teach her which was so sweet. She was so excited to finally learn! She does a great job and just loves it!

Madilyn was souping up Mayli's bike for her.

So big! Yay Mayli!