Friday, January 27, 2012

Dance Recital-December 17, 2011

The girls had their dance recital on December 17th. They were so cute and danced so well! Kate and Mayli were in the same class and they danced beautifully. Madilyn had lots of fun and of course was super cute up on stage. It was a lovely evening full of fun and entertainment. We had lots of support and visitors that came to watch them dance it was awesome!



All 3 girls...boy it is hard sometimes to get a good picture

Madi's Dance

Katelyn and Mayli's dance

Friday, January 06, 2012

Mayli Turns 6!!!

Mayli Elizabeth turned 6 on December 5! She is growing up way too fast. The other day I was watching videos of the girls when they were younger and realized how fast time is flying by. The quote, "This moment will never come again...enjoy it" rings so true to life. Each and every moment will only come once and we truly need to make the most of them.

Mayli on her blessing day.

Our little baby was so tiny and in the blink of an eye turned 1...

She loved making us laugh

And now she is grown into a beautiful young lady.

Mayli started Kindergarten this year and is learning so much. She loves to learn and every day will come home and tell me something new she has learned. She already is on level B in reading and can count to 100 by 1's, 2's, and 10's. She loves to read and loves to write things. She likes boys a lot already (eek) and this year has already had 3 different crushes but her latest she's had for a couple months now. :) She loves to dance still and loves to sing too. Her favorite color is a rainbow. She loves to play with her sisters and her friends. She also really likes riding her bike, playing on her scooter, and riding her skateboard. Her favorite candy bar is a 3 Musketeers and she loves to chew gum. Mayli is very kind hearted and if someone has less than her she will willingly give all she has to them. For instance a while ago my girls and their cousins each got a stuffed cat at Halloween. One of Mayli's cousins lost her cat on the walk home and was so sad she couldn't find it. Mayli walked up to her and said, "You can have mine." And she gave it to her. She is always thinking of others and will give anything she has to help someone who is sad. She loves to help out with the baby and loves to help around the house most of the time. She is a joy to have in our home and we are so blessed that she is part of our family! Love you Peanut!

Mayli had a fun birthday. She got to go to school and bring cupcakes to celebrate with her class. I had a wisdom tooth extracted on her birthday so I wasn't in a party mood. She was so kind and understanding. Daddy took her and her sisters to Arctic Circle for dinner and then when they came home we had cupcakes that the girls helped decorate. The next night we had her birthday dinner of homemade chicken noodle soup. She was so excited. Happy 6th birthday!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Where have I been????

Where have I been...that's a good question! Life seems to have remained consistently busy for these past few months. I keep thinking one day it will slow down a bit and I can catch up. But boy that hasn't happened yet. Since I last posted lots has been going on...Thanksgiving, gingerbread houses, Mayli turned 6, Mike's mom started Chemo treatments, I got called as the Young Women's President in my ward, family came to visit from all over the world, 2 wonderful people were able to receive their endowment, a wedding, girls night, cake making, Christmas shopping and wrapping, Christmas parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, more family visits, New Years, my sister moved in with us, and so much more! So hopefully I can update what has been happening to catch up a bit.

Lately I've had the words from the song, 'I Like Life'...over and over in my head just randomly the words, "I like life and life likes me" pop into my head. Life is a bit crazy right now but 'I like life'and I'm trying to enjoy every moment I can. Here is the start of the updates.

I had the opportunity to make a cake for a charity and I'm so used to making wedding cakes or cakes for girls that I didn't have a lot of ideas for a cake for the men's division. After help from a few people this is the cake I came up with. It was a hit and the guy that won it loved it!

We spent Thanksgiving with Mike's family. It was a lovely day and how grateful we are for all our family. We were able to still have our tradition of making gingerbread houses. Sherie's sister Leslie made gingerbread houses for everyone. What a blessing it was to be able to have them all ready and made for us.

The girls ready to start
Madi loved decorating this year...she really loved trying out all the candy too!
Mayli and Uncle Ethan having fun.
Kate finishing up decorating
Gingerbread decorating so much fun!
Mike and Kate decorating
This was Madilyn's...she did a great job this year and did most of it by herself. I was impressed with all the patterns she did.
This one is my house.
Daddy decorated Juliet's for her

Mayli's house. She made the 'tree' all by herself.

Mike's house

Katelyn's house. She frosted and decorated all by herself this year!

The next weekend we had a bridal shower for Amy. Afterwards I had the fun opportunity to be able to go help Amy get ready for the bridals and groomals at the temple. I was so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be able to be invited and help out with this day. A special thank you to my dear Michael for letting me go while he took care of the kids.

Amanda looked gorgeous! It was freezing outside but we had a great time!

Beautiful Amanda
Ethan was mesmerized by her beauty and was quite speechless when she walked out.

Seriously gorgeous!

It was so fun to able to share this special day with them. Thank you for letting me be there!