Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Beautiful Kids

I got tagged & I thought this one was cute.
-Share 5 things about your children & then 10 "I love you ..... "

Katelyn Marie
~Is kind
~Is caring
~Is obedient
~Loves to learn
~Loves life

1-I love when you talk to me about your day and tell me stories
2-I love that you love the gospel

3-I love how you take care of your sisters

4-I love how you get so excited to go to school

5-I love your laugh

6-I love that you still like to cuddle with me
7-I love the way you use your imagination
8-I love how silly you are
9-I love what a great helper you are
10-I love your drawings and that you love to draw

Mayli Elizabeth
~Loves to dance
~Loves to sing
~Very giving
~Loves to learn

1-I love to watch you dance
2-I love when you sing
3-I love when you have your blanket and suck your thumb
4-I love how you care for others
5-I love to watch you play with toys
6-I love how you are always making sure everyone is choosing the right
7-I love how you love the scriptures
8-I love your smile
9-I love that you make me laugh
10-I love to make projects with you and love that you like to make them with me

Madilyn Faye
~Loves to dance
~Loves to talk
~Loves to discover
~Has beautiful big eyes
~Crawling all over the place

1-I love how your cross your legs when you read a book
2-I love how you squint your eyes when you say hi to someone

3-I love how you sit and play with your toys

4-I love how you get so excited when it's time to eat

5-I love how you bounce and dance all the time

6-I love when you get in the bath and kick your feet back and forth

7-I love how you say Mama

8-I love when you lay your head on my shoulder

9-I love your smile
10-I love your big beautiful eyes
I'm tagging anyone who wants to blog about their kids!


The Patty Cake House said...

So cute!

Mike and Sam Berry said...

It is such fun blogging about kids & so cute to read about friends kids!

Krista Neil said...

I gotta get some super cute pics of my girls before I can do this one :)

Rykowski family said...

I love these pictures of the girls they are so cute!

ME said...

I love the pictures! this is Marilyn... Dede we also wanted to let you know that we love you all and we just love your precious and beautiful children.