Friday, September 17, 2010

I Love My Mike!

I love my husband! He is such a good man and takes such good care of our family. I have some favorite Mike quotes from last week that are still making me laugh. I just have to post them before I forget.

Last Friday after Mayli's seizure I let him sleep in for a while. He came out about 10am and he was in his pajamas but he had his flip flops on. Here is our converstation:

Me: "Mike, where are you going?"

Mike: "Nowhere. Why would I go anywhere in flannel?"

(Still makes me laugh)

Then a few minutes later he went to his computer and was checking his e-mail. All the sudden he exclaims:

Mike: "Man I missed doughnut day again! I always miss doughnut day!"

Me: "Do you want me to go get you a doughnut, sweetheart?"

Mike: "No doughnuts sound gross, I don't want one."

Me: "Then why are you sad you missed doughnut day?"

Mike: "Because they always do it when I'm's free doughnuts."

(Again still makes me laugh)

Oh Mike always keeping me laughing! Why would you go anywhere in flannel and who could resist a free doughnut? Love you bunches babe!!!! Thanks for making life wonderful! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Week...Sickness, Call to 911, Trip to ER...and Everyone is Ok!

We've had quite the week last week. And since I do use this as a scrapbook/journal I thought I would write about it. It all started out with Madilyn going into the doctor on Tuesday. She had been really sick with a cold for about a week and 1/2 and we she wasn't sleeping well and woke up screaming in pain Monday night so I took her to the doctor on Tuesday morning. We found out she had a bad sinus infection and were able to get some medication. Later that afternoon I picked up Katie from school and she looked like she wasn't feeling very good. I felt her head and she had a fever I checked it and she was at 102.5 degrees. I gave her some medicine and had her rest on the couch. A little while later before bed I checked her temperature and she was at a 103.5 degrees. I gave her some advil and sent her to bed. I kept checking on her and her fever was still really high. I put a cool cloth on her head and gave her some tylenol 2 hours after the advil. She still was hot but started to cool down. Wednesday morning she still had a fever and I kept her home from school. By the afternoon my 'morning sickness' kicked in (more like afternoon and evening sickness with this pregnancy) and I was so sick. So we had 3 sickies in the house.

Thursday I had a better outlook hoping the rest of the week would be better from here on out. Katelyn was better and off to school and for Madilyn the medicine was kicking in and a she was feeling much better. That night before Mayli went to bed she started to complain about a tummy ache. I put her to bed and before I headed off to be I checked to see if she was doing ok. She was tossing and turning and I went to check her head and she had a fever. I took her temperature and she was at 102.5 degrees. I gave her some Tylenol about 11:20pm and headed off to bed. About 11:45pm she came into my room wanting to lay down by me . Mike was working on some work in the family room so I told her she could lay there until daddy came to bed. About 12:30 am she woke me up. I can't remember why we got out of bed but we were heading out of my room and Mayli started to have a seizure. She has had 2 seizures before because of fevers. They are called Febrile Seizures and are caused when a child's temperature spikes too quickly. Since we had already done this twice I had read up on it and knew what to do. I laid her down and waited. Her last 2 seizures have only last 1 minute or so. After about 2 minutes she was still having a seizure. I decided to bring her out to Mike. I sat down on the couch with her and after about a minute she threw up all over me. She was still in the seizure and wasn't breathing because she was choking on the throw up. We rushed her into the bathroom and finally cleared out the throw up. She was still in the seizure and by this time my sister Kenzie (who is living with us for a little while) had woken up. She is a CNA and told us we needed to lay her on her side. We did and just waited...after 10 minutes I told Mike to call 911 because it was lasting way too long for a febrile seizure. We moved her into the living room and waited for the ambulance. They were quick and were here within 5 minutes. Right before they came Mike gave Mayli a blessing. They paramedics came in and started to check vitals. Her oxygen level was at 70 and they put and oxygen mask on her. After that she stopped having the seizure and just sort of laid there. We still couldn't get a response from her but she was no longer tense or in the seizure. Finally after about 15 more minutes she started responding to her name.

The paramedics said she needed to be checked by a doctor and taken down to the ER. We decided to decline having the ambulance take her in and chose to drive her in ourselves. I have to note what a wonderful place we live in...right before the ambulance left I recieved a text message from a neighbor asking if we needed any help to watch the kids or if we needed help giving a blessing. It was 1:15 am and our amazing neighbors were ready and willing to help. Luckily my sister was here so we didn't need anyone to watch the kids and we had to rush down to the ER so we couldn't give her a blessing at that time. They texted back and told us to call anytime if we needed anything! I love living here! Anyway we were on our way to the ER and Mayli still hadn't said anything. She was in a daze...which is normal after such a long seizure. Mike and I were so worried about her. As we were driving down we were trying to get some response out of her. She would shake her head yes or no but still not talk. After about 20 minutes in the car I told Mike we should just let her rest and recouperate. Mike said ok and then said, "I love you Mayli." She then said, "I love you Daddy." It was a heart-melting moment and we knew she was going to be ok. After that we let her rest. As soon as we got to the ER and were about inside Mayli threw up again. The paramedics had called ahead to the ER to inform them we were on our way. So as soon as we got there she was admitted so we didn't have to wait at all.

While in the ER they had to run lots of tests. Blood work, urine test, and a strep test. They gave her an IV and some anti-nausea medicine. We had to wait for all the tests to come back. They were trying to figure out why she had the fever. Her blood looked good, the urine test came back negative for a UTI, and the strep test came back negative. So they didn't know what was causing the fever but said we needed to watch her and just try to keep the fever under control so she wouldn't have another seizure. We finally were released and able to come home. We rolled in about 4:30am. The next morning the other girls were up by 7:30am and we were getting ready for the day. I got Kate off to school and ran to the store to grab Mayli some popcicles. Matt and Michelle (brother and sister-in-law) were visiting with us too for a few days and they took care of Mayi and Madilyn while I ran to the store. Mayli was still running a fever all day long but it never got higher than 102.5 degrees. She rested for about 3 hours in the afternoon and said her tummy was feeling better. By night time her fever was raging again. I was so scared she was going to go into another seizure. At 1 point her fever was at 104.2 degreees. I kept checking on her every 15 minutes. Finally after advil and tylenol her fever was down to 100.5 degrees before I went to sleep.

The next afternoon her fever finally broke and she was at a normal temperature. She seemed to be doing much better. Sunday she broke out in a rash and we found out that she had Roseola. And if your child is suseptible to Febrile Seizures then if they get Roseola they will probably have one since the fevers run so high and spike so quickly. She is getting over the rash and is feeling much better. It was a crazy couple of days. We are so blessed to live where we live we had so many people that were worried about us. The Relief Society President stopped by and her husband came to help give Mayli a blessing on Friday, the Bishop called Saturday to check on Mayli and us, the Primary President called to make sure Mayli was ok on Sunday, and we had countless neighbors and friends offer to bring dinner, take care of the kids, or do anything we needed. We truely live in a Zion. How blessed we are. I'm so grateful for my 3 beautiful daughters and for a husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood. After an experience like this you tend to take a step back and spend more time with your children and less time worrying about the things that really don't matter or can wait. We are happy all is well and Mayli had no brain damage. Everyone is feeling much better this week so we are happy about that! Life is good and our Father in Heaven looks out for us and blesses us. I'm so grateful for my forever family!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mayli's first day of Pre-School

Mayli's first day of pre-school this year was on September 1st. She was so excited to go. She is going to the Lilypad Pre-school this year. She loves it and loves her teacher. Here are some pictures of her 1st day.
Super cute Mayli
Mayli with her Tinkerbell backpack

Here she is with her has a little tinkerbell tutu that is on the front.

Here is Mayli walking up to her pre-school

Mayli sitting down at her desk getting ready to play with some playdough. She's had lots of fun at school so far. She is getting so big! We love you May!