Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mayli's first day of Pre-School

Mayli's first day of pre-school this year was on September 1st. She was so excited to go. She is going to the Lilypad Pre-school this year. She loves it and loves her teacher. Here are some pictures of her 1st day.
Super cute Mayli
Mayli with her Tinkerbell backpack

Here she is with her has a little tinkerbell tutu that is on the front.

Here is Mayli walking up to her pre-school

Mayli sitting down at her desk getting ready to play with some playdough. She's had lots of fun at school so far. She is getting so big! We love you May!


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Way to go Mayli!!! your going to do great this year and every year after...

Celeste said...

She is so cute. How fun...can you believe you will have 2 in school next year? WOW! Hope she is doing alright...thinking of you.

Krista Neil said...

So sad Ms. Karen is cutting back, you'll have to tell me how this one is, she's so cute, she was probably just eating up you taking a whole bunch of pictures of her :)

Summer said...

She's so BIG! Great pictures, great little girl!