Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of 1st Grade

Katelyn had her 1st day of school today. And I have to wonder...where did the summer go? She was so excited. Last night she could barely fall asleep because she was so excited to go to school. It is her first time being at school all day long. She is super excited to eat lunch at school. She took her own lunch today and helped me pack it this morning. She picked out what outfit she wanted to wear and wanted her hair just to be straight.
We are all going to miss having her home all day. Mayli isn't quite sure what to do with out her best friend here to play with. Katelyn got a blessing from daddy and if a mom ever needs piece of mind that will give it to her. She was promised many things I was so worried I don't need to worry...because she's been blessed and all will be well. She'll understand the work, learn quickly, make friends, choose the right, and will enjoy her time at school. Her teacher is Mrs. Hollingshead (pronounced Hollings-head). I was nervous about her teacher but when we met her I knew who she was and was so happy. She is a super nice lady and I know Katelyn will love her. She lives right behind us and we'll see her at church all the time because their ward is right after ours. :) Here are pictures of her 1st day!
So cute and growing up so big!
Got the backpack on and ready to go

Mayli had to take a picture with her sister

All the girls walking into the school.

Katelyn in front of her new school. Mountain Trials Elementary. The school was just built this year and is great! We really like it a lot. They did a great job with it! Gonna miss my baby but I know she'll learn so much and do just great! Love ya Kate-bug!


Celeste said...

Oh my...they grow so quickly and the summers fly. Now I know what all those people mean when they say it goes quickly. Kate looks adorable as usual and I miss you guys already! Good luck for the new year! Can't wait to see pics of Mayli's first day.

Krista Neil said...

So cute, I'll maybe be finally doing a post for Liss soon :)

Summer said...

Look at that grin! I'm so happy for her, and she looks so grown up too. We've been gone too long!