Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caleb and Sarah Clayton's Wedding

Well wedding number 3 for the summer and wedding number 4 for the year is finished and it was lovely! I gained three super cute sister-in-laws this year! What could be more exciting!? My little brother Caleb...who in my mind should still only be 14 years-old...dont' worry he really is 22...was married to Sarah Blackwell on August 14, 2010 in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Here are some pictures of the fesitivities!

The Thursday before the wedding me, my mom, and all 5 of my sisters got to go and have a girls night out! It was so fun to be all together! We have so much fun and laugh so hard. Here we are at Applebees. Lindsay, Celeste, Mom, Dede, Kenna, Carli, and Kenz.
The wedding was wonderful. The instruction from the sealer was amazing and so perfect! It was a beautiful sealing and Caleb and Sarah could barely keep their eyes off each other. Which in my opinion is the best ever! Their smiles were so big when they were pronounced husband and wife for time and all eternity! It was lovely!
Me and Madilyn the morning of the wedding. They got married at 8am so we had to get there super early.

Mike and Madilyn



Kate, May, and Maddie

It was a beautiful morning. Here is the temple.

Caleb and Sarah after they came out of the temple

First kiss outside as husband and wife

All the nieces and nephew giving Uncle KK a big hug!

All the nieces and nephew giving Aunt Sarah a big hug!

Caleb and "Sam" (my 2 brothers)

Sarah's bouquet. I made it and it turned out quite beautiful.

All the grandkids...getting a picture of all of them was difficult

Wedding Cake for the Utah Reception

It was difficult because it was so hot the frosting kept melting

Wedding cake again...not my best work but tasted good :)

Caleb and Sarah cutting the cake

About ready to feed each other...they were already laughing cuz they wanted to shove it in each others faces.

Kiss after
From my previous post I talked about going up to Montana for the wedding reception. It took 2 days to decorate and cook. And it turned out quite lovely.

Thank you Candy Bar. Super yummy and super cute!

Centerpieces on the tables

One of the tables at the reception

Sign in table

Picture of them outside the door

The heart they stood under to welcome people at the reception

The reception

My little brother Sam is on his mission right now so he couldn't be at the wedding. My parents made a life size cut out of Sam so he could be at the wedding. We sure missed him but are so glad he is serving the Lord. We made a sign to put by him at this reception.

Here is a full view of what it looked like. It was great I'm so glad they made it.

The gift table

Wedding cake for this reception...Caleb's favorite...chocolate carmel cake.

Food at the reception

More food

Chocolate Fountains! Of course a big hit!

Drink Table

Papa dancing with Molly and Evie

Me and Molly...she was my new little friend. She loved Aunt Dede. Too bad next time I see her she'll have already forgotten who I am.


Macarena time!
It was a wonderful wedding. And a busy but lovely 2 weeks! Congratulations Caleb and Sarah! We love you and are so happy you are married for eternity!


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Thanks for the post and all the pictures. Your awesome!! we along with your family are happy and excited for Caleb and Sarah !! here's to eternity!!

Celeste said...

You got some totally fun pictures...and you always know what to write! Love you!

Geneve said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And the bouquet was BEAUTIFUL!!

Krista Neil said...

k the bouquet was soooo pretty, and the cake for "not your best work" it outdid anything I could do by MILES :)