Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soccer Time!

Soccer started up for Mayli and Katelyn. They enjoy it so much and had lots of fun at their games on Saturday.
Here is Mayli after playing hard! She did so great! She made 5 goals and almost made 6 but at the last second passed it over to her teammate who was right next to her so her teammate could make a goal. That is so Mayli always thinking of others! She had so much fun. All the parents kept asking if she's ever played before. She hasn't but she sure did great! She also was so fun to watch running after the ball. She didn't really run she leaped everywhere. So graceful even on the soccer field! WAY TO GO MAY!!!

She really likes her coach and assistant coach. She kept giving them high fives during the game especially after she would make a goal!
Celebrating after she made a goal! Yay Mayli!

Here is a far away view of her making one of the goals.

Katelyn has a great team with fun coaches too! She had so much fun playing but was getting pretty hot after the first half. It was at least 95 degrees out there. She played hard when she was in and was always up with the ball when it was her teams turn. She did great! Her team made 3 goals and they all worked so hard! WAY TO GO KATE!!!

Here is Kate kicking the ball.

Katelyn talking to one of her coaches about what she needed to do. She was a great listener and stayed in the positions she was told to play in.
We are excited for the rest of the games! Way to go girlies! Love you!

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Krista Neil said...

I'm missing soccer this year, couldn't convince Liss to do it this year, maybe next year :) Your girls are looking good!