Sunday, April 01, 2012

Madi Faye Turns 4!!!

Madilyn turned 4 on March 6, 2012. She was so excited for her birthday. Here she is 4 years old on her big day!

She was so tiny when she was born! Below are pictures when she was newborn and on her blessing day.

Here she is at 1 year old!
2 years old
3 years old
Madilyn's birthday cake
She was so excited for her Paris cake!
Opening presents

She was so tired and had to sleep in her new couch with her new pillow pet from Grandpa and Grandma Wright.

Madi is so fun! She is so cute! She is a joy to have in our family. She makes us laugh. Her favorite colors are pink and orange. She loves Paris and is saving her money so she can go visit one day. Her favorite food is Ramen Noodles. Her favorite toys to play with right now are her Strawberry Shortcake toys, Barbies, and the little Disney Princesses. Her favorite show is Barbie in a Fashion Fairytale. Madi loves to ride her bike and scooter. She loves to play with her older sisters and Juliet. She enjoys being a big sister and loves to take care of Jewels. It is so cute to see the two of them together. Madi is so cute and I always get comments from people about how cute she is. She is still our crazy little Madi sometimes but she has grown up quite a bit in the past year. She is a much better listener and likes to help me around the house. She is a beautiful little girl and we love her so much! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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