Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exciting things in 2008

Well since the year is almost over and I just started this blog I thought I'd give a (quick as I can) overview of 2008. It's been a very exciting year and since I didn't get my Christmas cards out again (surprise) this works!
Well the first exciting thing was definately the crazy snow we had here in UT! It was nuts...but exactly what we needed. This is a picture of Mike's parents house. They had so much snow!

This is the ABOVE ground trampoline! The snow was as high as the trampoline!
Katelyn had her 1st cavities taken care of in February of this year. They had to put her under to put in the fillings. She did well and only had a few battle scars.

Next exciting thing was in February Mike's brother Mark came home from his mission!

Then at the end of February my little brother Caleb hit his year mark on his mission!

At the begining of March we got a new kitchen table! Yipee! Except while we were waiting for the new table to be delievered Katelyn was running in the kitchen and she ran into the back door hinge and cut open her head. So we had to go to the doctor and she had to get stitches...not a fun experience!
The next day I went into labor with Madilyn. At 8:06 pm on March 6, 2008 Madilyn Faye Wright was born. She was 6 lbs 12 oz and 19 inches long. It took us forever to name her. She didn't have a name for 2 days.

Then later in March we had Maddie's blessing.
It was a beautiful day. And wonderful most of our family was able to be here on this special day.

Then little Evie was born on April 3rd. Evie is my sister's baby. She was so little compared to Maddie (1 month difference)

Then I finally got to walk for graduating from UVU. It was a great day and Mike took care of all 3 kids by himself.

At the end of May we got to go to Montana to see my brother Sam graduate. It was so fun to go home. Then summer came and we did lots of fun things. One super fun day was the day me and the kids went to the Thanksgiving Point gardens with Krista, her kids, and her mom. It was so beautiful and we had such a wonderful time.

Then it was Katelyn's birthday and she turned 4. She had her 1st birthday party with friends and was so excited.
Molly was born in July. Molly is my sister Celeste's little girl. In August we headed up to Montana to go to Molly's baby blessing and help pack up Celeste and Matt cuz they were moving to Texas. It was fun to be with the family.

Then late in August Katelyn started pre-school. She loves every minute of it and is so excited to go to school!
Then in October my brother Sam left on his mission.
Mayli had her birthday on December 5th. She turned 3. She is getting so old and so very cute.

The girls had their 1st dance recital in December and they were so very cute. Of course there were many more exciting things that went on but I can't post everything. It's been a good year and i can't believe that it is almost over.


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Hey this worked finally! YAY! anyhow i must say i love the blog and i look forward to the blog and more updates and everything.

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

forgot to add.. Your exciting things of 2008 post is a different and fun kind of christmas card! a christmas card online. make sense?