Monday, April 27, 2009

San Antonio Trip!

We had the great opportunity to go to San Antonio, TX for a whole week! It was so much fun! We got to go visit my sister and her family. We flew there and it was Mayli's and Madilyn's 1st flight. The kids did pretty good on the flights. It was snowing in Denver (where our connection was) and we had to wait an hour for them to de-ice the took forever! But we were glad that they were making sure everything was ok to fly safely. Here are a few pictures of the flights to Texas.

Katelyn and Daddy flying to Denver

Mayli on our 1st flight

Mom, Maddie, and Kate

The 4 girls got to sleep in the same room! They were so excited!

Monday the 20th of April we went to this fun place called Minitown. They have so many fun things for the kids to do. There was a beauty shop, a movie theater, a 'grocery store', a bank, a house, a disco dancing room, and so many other fun things. All of the places were perfect for kids to play with. They even had little dress-ups for the girls to put on in the beauty shop. Here are some more pictures.

Kate and Kylie getting pretty

Kate dressed up and putting on 'make-up'

Mayli getting pretty

Mayli being the banker

Katelyn in the bee that was in the bank room

Kate in the movie theater...the seats were so cute!
Mayli shopping in the grocery store 'buying' some fruit

Mayli shopping some more
Katelyn in the playhouse
Mayli playing the mini piano
Mayli loved this little phone booth
They had a little room for babies. Maddie could crawl around and play with the toys
The girls dancing in the disco dancing room

They had a fun blow up toy the kids could bounce on (Mom...there's your pal Al :))

There was a park and play place to play on...Madilyn loved to ride the horse

It was so warm there and the girls go to swim! They had so much fun with each other!

The girls juming on the trampoline
On Thursday April 23rd we got to go to Sea World. We had so much fun! I was amazed at what they could teach the animals to do! I loved it! The girls had lots of fun too! Here are some more pictures!
The girls running to get into Sea World
The girls sitting down for the Seal show
This show was so funny! It fun to see the seals.
Mom and the girls on a ride in the park.

The family with Shamu

The Believe show with Shamu was my favorite show! It was so cool to see these amazing animals do such amazing things. I thought the show was inspiring and so much fun!

This is the part where the killer whales splash get soaked if you are in the 'splash zone'.

This is a video of part of the Shamu show.

All 5 of us at the Believe show...Mike's always got a great face! :)

Mike and me at Sea World

Meg, Kate, Ky, and May at Sea World

Mom and Kate at Sea World

Viva...this was a cool show with humpback whales, dolphins, and acrobats. It was so cool!

Family walking in Sea World....we saw something really cool...;)

My favorite part was feeding the dolphins. It was so cool! We got to feed them and pet them! They feel so cool! I had so much fun! These animals are amazing! :)

Me feeding the dophins

Us girls feeding the dolphins

Kate and May feeding the dophins

Katelyn, Madilyn, and Mayli at the Denver aiport during our layover. We were so excited to be back home!

We had a great time! We did lots more fun things. The best was just relaxing and talking with each other. We got to play lots of games and just spend time with one another. It was so much fun! :)


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

YAY! i am going to make scrapbooking pages for you all! or the girls at least. Can i copy and save these pictures to our computer so i can make copies and do the pages?

CoolJules said...

How fun! Don't you just love vacations? The kid mall place looked awesome. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun.

Berry Family said...

What a super fun trip! Glad you had a good time & enjoyed Sea World!

fausetts6 said...

wow, you had way too much fun. I love the pics. miss you guys

Krista Neil said...

Look at all the cool stuff you got to do, so neat!!! And it was warm to boot, even better:) Definately need to go there some day I guess, and what a trooper flying, very impressive:)

racefan said...

It looks like you all had a fun time! It's always great to go on vacation and especially visit with family!

Rykowski family said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new pictures! What an awesome place for kids! The picture of you pushing the stroller is the best, your face is priceless. ;-)