Thursday, June 18, 2009

A bit of Randomness...Time to catch up!

Wow has it already been almost 3 weeks since I last posted! Lots of things have been happening so I'm going to sum it up pretty quick...I hope. Some exciting news is Mike and I get to go on Trek with our ward! I'm so excited! Thanks Mommy for coming down to watch the kids in a few weeks! :) Last night (Wednesday) we got to have a meeting for Trek and got to practice our square dancing! We really had so much fun! I was laughing the whole time...nothing is better than seeing a whole bunch of youth who 'don't want to touch each other' (riiiiight...) and a whole bunch of old people square dancing! It was awesome! I'm so excited to go...we leave on my birthday! I can't wait!
More exciting news!!! Maddie is walking! Well sort of anyway...she still has to have more practice but she is getting there she took her first step on Friday June 5th! She had to show off for her Aunt Kenzie who was holding her and she walked to Mommy! Yipee! Here is a little video!

The girls had their 6 month cleaning at the dentist in May and the girls have my teeth because both Katy and Mayli had cavities! Mayli didn't even have to be numbed and she did awesome when she got her cavities filled. She was a great helper! I was so proud of her! Kate on the other hand really has my teeth and she had to go and get put under so they could numb her and put in her fillings. So Monday June 15th we hopped in the car at 5:45 am to head to the dentist. She did awesome too and didn't cry a bit. She did great! I was really proud of her. I have a couple pictures of her that day.

Katelyn at the dentist office before they put her under

Katelyn looking at where her IV was

Other exciting new is Madilyn took 2nd place in the baby finals for the baby contest for Pony Express days! Yay! She did awesome and was so very cute! We got a great prize full of baby stuff. Once I get the picture of her that Carma Gray took I'll post was absolutely adorable!

My family came down and visited at the begining of June because my little niece Ashlee was blessed. It was so fun to see everyone. We love when they come and visit and are so sad when they have to leave.

We also had family pictures taken with Mike's family! Here they are!

All of us

Our little Family

The grandkids and Papa and Grandma...this one was a little hard to get everyone to look at the camera! :)

The girls! :)

The boys! :)

I think that sums it up! What a good month it has been thus far! Can't wait for the rest of it! :)


Krista Neil said...

5:45, you are kidding! That has to make for a crazy day. I take both my girls today. Eric's teeth are pretty bad too, so I always hope they get mine. Cute pics :)

Krista Neil said...
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Krista Neil said...

Ok it posted twice for some reason, sorry about that!

fausetts6 said...

so fun to see your update!!! can't wait to see you soon.

Berry Family said...

I love it when they start walking! It is so cute. Ella is walkin all over the place & tries to be even bigger by climbing on everything. Such cute family pictures! Have a blast on the Trek!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

I really loved your update post and all the pictures.

Summer said...

What a great update! I always love your pictures and posts.

Nielson Family said...

It has been a great month for you. Your family is sooo cute. Love the pictures!