Monday, June 29, 2009

Enjoying our garden!

Well this year we finally planted a garden and it is doing pretty good! Everything is growing and we finally were able to cut some lettuce and put it in a salad for dinner yesterday. It was so yummy! Some of our friends brought us over some peas (we don't have any pods on ours yet) and we were able to put those in the salad too. It was so great. We can't wait for everything to continue growing...there is just something awesome about eating what you planted and grew! The kids are loving the garden too and get so excited to see thing growing bigger.

These are our tomatoes, peppers and corn

This is a pictures of our potatoes, carrots, and lettuce

These are our onions, more peppers (our green onions didn't we planted more pepper plants a friend gave us), and then our peas!
Our raspberries are doing well and our strawberries are doing ok only 5 plants survived. Our peach tree is looking good and our watermelon plant and cucumber plant are looking good too. It is fun to be more self sufficient.

Here is the lettuce from the garden

Here is our yummy salad! We can't wait for the rest of the stuff from our garden.


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

YAY for gardens! save some watermelon and goods for me! hehehehehehehe!!

Carli said...

Great job Dede! I will trade you some of your peaches for some of our apples? deal? i would love to send you a picture of our garden...but because of it's location, it looks like dirt...because nothing is growing...sad. I will have to live vicariously through your garden...nice work! it looks great!

Love ya,


Krista Neil said...

Yea, looks awesome!!! We have tons of lettuce if you need more :)