Thursday, September 03, 2009

First Day of Pre-school!

Well it has been quite an exciting past few weeks here in the Wright Home! We are in full swing now and I wonder how in the world my mom handled 8 kids all going different places at the same time! I feel like all I do is drive kids to school, practices, and games.

Our little Mayli started pre-school today at Tikes Learning Center. She is the only girl in her class and I'm sure she loves it! She had a great time today. She felt like such a big girl doing what Katelyn did last year at Miss Karen's school. Mayli goes in the morning and loves everyminute of it. Here are some pictures of her before and after her 1st day! They sure grow up fast!

Mayli all dressed and ready to head to school

She loves having a backpack just like Kate!

Mayli walking to the house after we got back from school


Celeste said...

I can't believe they are so big! Mayli looks so cute and grown up! I remember coming with mom when she was born. Crazy...I hope our kids are good friends always. Don't you just wonder what the future will bring? :)

Krista Neil said...

Yay! We love Miss Karen :) Totally gonna miss preschool this year.

Geneve said...

She's going to love preschool! She looks so grown up. I love the backpack! We're missing Miss Karen already. Feels weird, we had someone going to her preschool for three years in a row. She better still be around when Cade is old enough!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

Hey Yay! for mayli! she will love pre school! yes, little dakota starts pre school next wednesday!

racefan said...

She is so cute and grown up looking!! Kaitlyn can't wait to start preschool next week:) It's hard to believe they can grow up so fast!