Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dodgeball...Best Time Ever!!!

Mike and I have the most wonderful friends ever! I love living here in EM! It is the best! There are so many fun people here and we all have so much fun together! This last Friday quite a few of us couples got together and played dodgeball at a local elementary school. It's nice that even though we had the ward split we still get together and have fun. And because of the ward split we've been able to add new friends to the circle. We had so much fun and played dodgeball for a good 3 hours! We had so much fun! I'm so grateful for our awesome friends and so grateful our Father in Heaven lead us to this wonderful place and these wonderful people. My life has been blessed and changed for good because of them.

Listed left to right: Rex and Lisa, Shannon and Jeff (in the back), Bishop and Sandra, Brian (Jami not pictured cuz she was taking the picture...thanks for sending it to me!), Brandon and Rachel, Dallas and Cindy, Russ and Kendra, Mark and Janis, Steve and Jessica, Mike and I, and Stacey (Jason not pictured because he was getting his camera).

Some of us had on Average Joes t-shirts like they did in the movie Dodgeball. It was so much fun! We will for sure do this again. We had talked about doing it once a year but we might just have to do it more often cuz it was so fun! The best was at our ward party yesterday when no one could move because they were so sore! So much fun!


what a life said...

It was so funny when the bishop came to the meeting that we had during the day of the ward party and he was writing on the white bord that we had and had to write at the bottom and chould barly bend overish to write on it!!!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

I am glad u are all able to have fun!