Saturday, October 10, 2009

Soccer Season is Over

Well soccer season ended yesterday with our last game...good thing cuz it is getting really COLD outside! Kate had a fun time this year playing and yesterday went out with a bang by scoring her 1st goal! YIPEE! (Unfortunatly I missed it cuz I was handing out certificates to the parents! Darn!) But I did see her face after and she was so excited. Almost every kid on our team got to score yesterday! It was awesome! We had a fun time coaching and Mike did a great job! We had a good year and only lost 1 game! The kids did great and learned new skills it was fun to teach them to be a team!

Here is Kate with her medal! She was so excited!


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

YAY for katie! congrats. Well now you can look forward to next year.

fausetts6 said...

yeah for our little Katie BUG (and her great coaches too!!!)

Krista Neil said...

Alissa kept telling me she didn't want to play again next year until our last game when she got a goal too, now she says she wants to, thanks for all your good coaching, it was so fun, she carries her medal around everywhere now :)