Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dodgeball...Best Time Ever!!!

Mike and I have the most wonderful friends ever! I love living here in EM! It is the best! There are so many fun people here and we all have so much fun together! This last Friday quite a few of us couples got together and played dodgeball at a local elementary school. It's nice that even though we had the ward split we still get together and have fun. And because of the ward split we've been able to add new friends to the circle. We had so much fun and played dodgeball for a good 3 hours! We had so much fun! I'm so grateful for our awesome friends and so grateful our Father in Heaven lead us to this wonderful place and these wonderful people. My life has been blessed and changed for good because of them.

Listed left to right: Rex and Lisa, Shannon and Jeff (in the back), Bishop and Sandra, Brian (Jami not pictured cuz she was taking the picture...thanks for sending it to me!), Brandon and Rachel, Dallas and Cindy, Russ and Kendra, Mark and Janis, Steve and Jessica, Mike and I, and Stacey (Jason not pictured because he was getting his camera).

Some of us had on Average Joes t-shirts like they did in the movie Dodgeball. It was so much fun! We will for sure do this again. We had talked about doing it once a year but we might just have to do it more often cuz it was so fun! The best was at our ward party yesterday when no one could move because they were so sore! So much fun!

Friday, October 16, 2009

What I've been doing all week...

Well it's been one of those crazy weeks! Boy I'm glad it is almost over! Everyday has been full and I'll spare you me getting on my soap box and complaining about how busy its been! :) I made corsages and boutonnieres for a wedding and a b-day cake for a friend's little girls b-day party. So I thought I'd post some pictures.

These were the boutonnieres for the men to wear I made 7 of these.

These were the ones for the ladies of the wedding party. They were pin on ones. I made 8 of these ones.

These were the corsages for the sisters they were wrist corsages that they could take off and pin on if they needed to. I made 8 of these ones.

These were all of them in my fridge. I also made the bouquet for her to throw which is pictured below also. (Do you like my tupperware full of leftovers in the adds to the picture I think!) :)

This was the birthday cake. It didn't turn out the way I wanted but it worked. It was quite the day trying to get this done...consisting of me finding cake mixes and crisco from friends due to some mishaps at the house. (Mayli eating part of one of the cakes to name one!) It was my first time working with fondant so it was a learning experience. This is marshmellow fondant and actually tastes good. I frosted the cakes with buttercream icing and then cut the circles and other decorations out of the fondant.

I'm happy it is finally Friday and we get to relax somewhat! Now it is time to go clean up my messy kitchen.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally Homecoming Queen!

It's true I was voted Homecoming Queen! YIPEE! I hosted Bunko tonight and because it is close to Halloween we had a costume party. I dressed up as a Homecoming Queen Wannabe. Due to the fact that almost all of my siblings except 2 (1 of which I'm sure will be in it next year) have been in Homecoming Royalty I feel like quite the loser since there are 8 kids in my family and I'm 1 of 2 who haven't been in homecoming royalty. But tonight I was voted as Homecoming Queen and it was a unanimous vote! All for me! YIPEE! It was pretty fun and all the ladies tonight thought it was pretty funny (either that or they thought I was totally crazy and decided to be nice to me and laugh....but hey I still won!) We had a great time tonight! Here were some of the things I did to get my votes!

As everyone came in they saw this sign in the yard.

Then as they came in I gave them one of these. I cut the circle out, laminated it, and hot glued a safety pin on back. So everyone got a Vote for Dede pin when they came in.

I held a vote for homecoming queen and this was the ballot. The small print under the Write in Candidate says: "(Write in candidate’s first name must start with a –D- and end with an –E-. Candidate’s last name must also start with a –W- and end with a –T- !)". So after the vote guess who won....ME! It was fun! So I finally won Homecoming Queen!

Here I am so excited I won! And look flowers!

Here is my pretty Queen wave!

And here is a picture of all of us dressed up! Boy we have such a great time! I love my friends! And notice they are all wearing my pins! :)

Here is one Mike took when we were all not ready for the picture to be taken! :) We always have so much fun and laugh a lot! I love it!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Super Glue is SUPER Sticky

Ok last post for today...don't forget to check the rest! I posted about 6 posts today! I was actually uploading pictures onto my blog here and I heard the water running in the bathroom and thought Katelyn was just washing her hands. I hear the water going for a while and then I hear some soft crying. I thought it was Madilyn waking up from her nap and went back to check on her. To my surprise it was Katelyn crying because of this....

You should have seen it when I first found her she had tons of super glue all over that was puffy and white (it's a gel super glue). I probably would have freaked out when I first looked at it but ironically just an hour earlier I was trying to fix a broken ceramic tile and had pretty much super glued my hand to the tile. (I hate to use super glue...I can't ever do it right and always get more glue on me than the object I'm trying to glue). So my hand had somewhat looked like that earlier.

I showed her my hands and started laughing saying how silly we were. She then stopped crying and started laughing. I asked her why she was using the super glue. She said Mommy my dolls head broke off I was just trying to fix it. I told her super glue was just for mommys and daddys to use...more so daddys because her mommy has a hard time super glueing too! Thank heavens for the internet and Google! I love Google! I googled how to get super glue off your skin and found out nail polish remover helps get it off! So 1/2 a bottle of nailpolish remover later her hands are mostly cleaned off! (And mine are too!) Now Kate knows super glue is super sticky!

Soccer Season is Over

Well soccer season ended yesterday with our last game...good thing cuz it is getting really COLD outside! Kate had a fun time this year playing and yesterday went out with a bang by scoring her 1st goal! YIPEE! (Unfortunatly I missed it cuz I was handing out certificates to the parents! Darn!) But I did see her face after and she was so excited. Almost every kid on our team got to score yesterday! It was awesome! We had a fun time coaching and Mike did a great job! We had a good year and only lost 1 game! The kids did great and learned new skills it was fun to teach them to be a team!

Here is Kate with her medal! She was so excited!

Good thing she's so cute!

Yesterday I decided I needed to deep clean the house. Of course when I spend any amount of time focusing on something for more than 5 minutes one of the kids destroys some part of the house. Well cute little Maddie decided it would be fun to take out all the cloths from the cloth drawer in the kitchen while I was cleaning the living room. She is so funny!

Drawer all empty except for 1 dish towel. She loves to empty this drawer out and carry the cloths all over the house.

Oh-oh! Sorry Mommy!

But look she folds them up so pretty and then...

Puts them back in the drawer after some coaxing from Mommy! And of course after this she decided to empty out the utensil drawer. So curious and so cute!

We love visitors!

Uncle Caleb came and visited during conference weekend because he had a mission reunion down in Provo! We always love visitors that come and stay with us! While we were watching conference Madilyn crawled right up and cuddled with Uncle Caleb. She loved just sitting there with him. We love you Caleb! Come visit again soon!

I am so blessed!

I am so blessed to have such amazing in-laws! I live so far away from my family and I miss them so much, but my husbands family makes me feel like one of them and I love being able to be a part of their family too! They remind of my family so it makes it easier to be away from them like I have to. We always go up to Grandpa and Grandma Wright's house for conference weekend and have so much fun! This past weekend we had a blast and I got to go help Sara take Tim's senior pictures. Me and Amy tagged along and had a grand ol' time. I got to be the prop girl and Amy got to flash people (hold the flash contraption that Sara uses on top of her camera and say things like, "Hey Dede look over here!" and would then flash the flash thing in my eyes!) Hahaa! :) Here are some fun pictures of us! We are always laughing and I love it!

Love you guys Tim, Amy, and Sara!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Family Pictures

We did family pictures today! My very talented sister-in-law SaraAnne took these! Here are some of the pictures. I really like them! Me and Sara added somethings to some of them. Enjoy!

Family picture #1

Family Picture #2