Monday, January 18, 2010

Wedding and Cakes!

Well last week was an exciting week. Mike's little brother Mark got married to Jacky. We had a wonderful time. I was able to make their wedding cake. I also made a cake for my friends baby shower. We were busy but had a great week. Here are some pictures:

Cake for Annie's baby shower

Another view of the cake

Me making Jacky's was almost 2 am and I was so tired!

Here is the final bouquet
Me and Amy (Mike's sister) waiting for Mark and Jacky to come out of the temple

Here is everyone at the temple. If you notice in the corner of the picture there is little Madilyn walking away from the group. She wiggled out of my arms and just started walking...she appearently wanted to go somewhere and knew just where it was. By the time we were done taking the picture she was almost around the corner. She was so cute!

Jacky the beautiful bride
Mark and Jacky

The wedding cake. It was a cheesecake one and it is so yummy! The entire cake was eaten!

The wedding cake again

Mark and Jacky at the reception

The Wright family

The boys

The girls
The dance off to the song 'Glamorous'! On Christmas I was walking up the stairs and found Tim and Matt jamming out to 'Glamorous' at the top of the stairs. So I told them at the reception they had to have a dance off! It was awesome!
Us doing a dance from Hot Rod! "Wwwwwhhhere do you get off!" We so have the moves!

Dancing at the reception! We had a blast! It was a fun weekend! We are so excited to have Jacky join the family! :)


Max Power said...

You have been crazy busy lately honey, but at least it will make the vacation feel that much better right? You did an awesome job and the cheesecake for the wedding was soooooo goooooood.

Berry Family said...

You are so talented! Awesome job on everything. I must say, the wedding cake looks absolutely divine right now.

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

wow! so much fun! Jacky is a sweetheart! okay i know i have already said this like a "gazillion times!" but, i'm sorry. That is awesome all the cake was eaten.

Krista Neil said...

Those cakes...totally awesome amazing. You are way talented, cute cute pics :)

what a life said...

I have to say I love the baby shower cake!! It looks amazing!!

Tani Ireland said...

Love the pictures! You do such a good job on those cakes!

MaryAnne said...

Annie's cake was so yummy and looked fabulous!!! Thank you so much! You are such a talented person. The wedding cake looks awesome!

CoolJules said...

You're so talented. Looks like fun.