Friday, March 25, 2011

Juliet's Blessing Day

Juliet Celeste Wright was blessed on March 13, 2011. It was a beautiful day. She was absolutely beautiful and we had lots of friends and family in attendance. Mike blessed her and there was also so many others who were able to stand in the circle. The circle had Daddy, Papa Clayton, Papa Wright, Uncle Aaron, Uncle Thomas, Uncle Mark, Uncle Timmy, Uncle Jared, Uncle, Jonny, Uncle Caleb, Uncle Sam, Bishop Wardle, Brother Hammond, and Brother West. I'll share a small part of her blessing: She was told that she has a wonderful spirit that she will share with others. I have seen this in her since the moment she was born. She truly has an amazing spirit about her. Whenever I hold her she brings peace and joy to my soul. Her spirit fills whatever room she is in and it is so calming.
Juliet Celeste Wright

Getting Juliet ready

Almost done...

Juliet and I right before church

She looked absolutely beautiful!!!!

And so peaceful as always

Her outfit for the day

Her tiny feet and tiny shoes

Grandma and Jewels

These next pictures Mike's sister SaraAnne took! She did such a lovely job! Thanks so much Sara! It's nice to have such a professional in the family! :) Love you!
Our family

My life, my joy. I love this picture. Mike's sister put it so well she said, "You look so peaceful among the chaos...I think this picture represents life." It is so is crazy but wonderful and we must smile because it is true joy. I wouldn't want it any other way. This is true happiness!

Me and my 4 beautiful girls! They bring me such happiness!

Madilyn and Juliet. She loves her so much! Every night Madi prays and thanks Heavenly Father for Juliet.
Juliet was also told in her blessing that she would be a peacemaker with her sisters and bring them all close together. I can already see how much closer the girls have been and how kind they are to her and to each other because of Juliet.

All 4 girls pretty in white! Our greatest joy!

Daddy and Jewels

Mommy and Juliet

Our sweet baby girl brings us so much happiness


Here are some pictures of the after party:
Cute Aunt Amy!

The boys playing football

Katelyn had been running a fever for 4 days and Uncle Aaron brought his doctor stuff so he could check her ears. She had quite a bit of wax in them so he cleaned them out for her. After he was done she said wow I can hear!!! She did end up having and ear infection and we were able to get some medicine. Thanks Aaron!

Playing with the kids outside. It was a beautiful day!

Here is all the family that was there.

Silly picture!

I love this song and had to put the 1st verse on this picture. I can't wait to see what amazing things you will do Juliet! The Lord has a great plan in store for you! We love you!


Olga Clark said...

You guys are such a beautiful family Juliette's blessing dress is beautiful! That song you posted, one of my favorites too,I hope my hubby will sing it for Tasia's wedding one day!!!

Berry Family said...

What a special day. Love the blessing day of the sweet lite spirits. Glad it was a beautiful day out & you were able to share it with family. Juliet is a doll.

ME said...

Glad you were able to spend the day with family. Looks like a beautiful day. Beautiful post.

ryannsharidamontague said...

what a beautiful picture~ looks like it was perfect do to spend with family. I love the picture with the song! call me sometime~ I miss being able to talk to ya!:)

Sarah Dowland said...

What a fun day... and what great memories!! She is beautiful!

Celeste said...

How lovely. Sad to have missed it. Little Jewels seems like a wonderful girl and I cannot wait to meet her! LOve you are beautiful!

Tani Ireland said...

Beautiful Family!!!!!

Krista Neil said...

Having her blessed on the day they put in the new bishopbric totally threw me off! I thought it was Mike. You have a very supportive family :) Those pictures are beautiful!!!! Hey I want to see a picture of that bow holder, that could solve some problems in our bathroom :)