Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Night With the Bishopric

Last Monday we had a Family Night as a new bishopric. It was really fun. We started out with a yummy dinner. Then after we were done eating the bishop's son, Garrett, did the lesson for us. The lesson was about overcoming our fears through a treasure...prayer. It was fun and the kids got to be pirates and look for the treasure. The girls loved their eye patches and telescopes as they searched for the treasure box that was full of necklaces, chocolate treats, and a reminder that prayer is a treasure. The kids had a blast!

Here is Madi after they found the treasure

After the lesson was time for some fun activities:

Katelyn had so much fun playing basketball and now wants a basketball and basketball hoop for her birthday. She loved it when she made a basket! It was fun to watch her enjoy it so much.

I promised Bishop I wouldn't post these on Facebook...but he didn't mention the blog. It was fun to watch everyone jam out with Rock Band. Here is Bishop playing the guitar...collar up and everything. Hahaa!

Here is Bishop on guitar, Branson (1st Counselor) on bass, Nick (2nd Counselor) singing, and Garrett on drums. We really had a fun time and it was great spending some time together not in meetings at church. Here are a couple videos.


iSMILE said...

looks like fun!


Tani Ireland said...

Fun! Is your hubby the executive secretary?

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

so fun... glad you all are friends and close down there in "The Mountain!" "With all them eagles!" HA HA HA! but, seriously glad you have a close knit neighborhood and ward.