Sunday, April 03, 2011

Juliet is 2 Months Old!

Juliet turned 2 months old on March 28, 2011. She is growing up so fast and getting so big.

Here are her stats for this month:
Weight: 10 pounds 4 ounces (42 percentile)
Length: 23 inches long (76 percentile)
Head: 15 inches (51 percentile)

She is as beautiful as ever!
Our Jewels

Her 2nd month was lots of fun. She is a joy to have in our home. Some things that happened:

She was blessed. She moved out of our bedroom into her own room and crib, She found her hands, and she started having some nights where she would sleep through the night. Her best night was march 24th she slept from 8:30pm to 7:30am! 11 hours! She started following objects with her eyes and kicking her feet. She also got her 1st ear infection but is recovering quite well. Our favorite 'first' is that she smiled for the 1st time and started cooing and talking. There are videos below.

Juliet on her blessing day
Her tiny hands!
She is so cute when she yawns!

Here is a picture of the first day she smiled at me! The morning of March 28th she surprised me with this beautiful smile and she has been smiling ever since! It is truly a great reward to see that she loves me and recognizes me.

She loves to sit up in her Bumbo chair.

She loves to be swaddled but she was always getting her hands out of the blankets which was waking her up more often. I got her a swaddle blanket and she loves it! Here she is all bundled up. She sleeps better and doesn't get too hot in this 'blanket'.
She loves to swing her swing. She also loves her bouncer and still loves to cuddle. She was still sleeping quite a bit but in the last week she has been up a little bit more often which has been lots of fun to have her more alert. She still projectile spits up a lot and is always pooping out of her diapers. She isn't a fan of bathtime and gets upset during tummy time sometimes. She is content most of the time and we love to talk and play with her.

I love this picture of her! She looks so happy!
She loves to smile!
We had a photoshoot of Juliet and she looked so beautiful. I'll do a post of just her pictures later.

Here is Juliet smiling!

Here is Juliet talking!


Krista Neil said...

Cute as a button, Sandra turned me on to those swaddle blankets with Camber, and they are a godsend! LOVE THEM :)

The Patty Cake House said...

Those pictures are soooo stinking cute!!!!

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

love the little videos and the pictures are great to!

Celeste said...

Juliet is soooo beautiful! Oh, my goodness! She looks so tiny still. How fun! And I got a good giggle listening to you trying to get her to talk and smile! Hahahahahahaha!