Friday, April 15, 2011


Tonight me, Kenzie, Christina, and Juliet headed down to Orem for a little Friday night shopping. We were on our way home and as I was leaving the mall I thought maybe I should go the backway...but then decided to go on University Parkway. We turned right on to the main road and there was an accident at the next light. I said "Oh man I should have gone straight!" Traffic was moving slow and the light had turned red. We waited and when it turned green traffic started moving but then stopped. So I stopped and all of the sudden we
got slammed in the back of the car by this little car:
We looked and saw there was more damage than we thought so we pulled off the road. Kenzie went up to the cops helping at the other accident they said we still needed to call 911. So we called and they sent an officer to help with our accident. When we got hit it didn't seem too hard just more of a shock. I was a little shakey and Juliet just did a small cry and didn't seem too upset. Everyone was ok and no one was hurt. The poor girl that hit us was crying. All of us in our car were ok and we were laughing and trying to make the best of the situation. Here is a picture of Christina, Kenzie, and Jewels.
Here is the damage:

It wasn't that bad but it did knock the bumper off some.
When we were driving home the alignment seemed off and there was a clinking noise. There is definitely some things wrong with it. So we will call the insurance company tomorrow and get everything all worked out and get the car fixed. We are just happy that everybody was ok. Next time I'll listen to that 'thought' which was most likely a prompting that told me to the backway.

Here are some pictures of the damage when it is light:

Not too bad. We have to wait for the girl's insurance company to call and get everything figured out until we can go get it fixed. So we are down a car for a few days until we hear back from the insurance company.


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

glad you all are okay. The damage seems very minimal.

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Krista Neil said...

Accidents are scary, glad you are all ok!