Saturday, April 30, 2011

If I get one more...

If I get one more medical bill in the mail I may end up like this:

It is so interesting how every year can be so extremely different from the last. Last year we put $1500 into our FSA plan and had to come up with things to do to use it all before the end of the year. This year we put in $2000...and its all gone and the bills keep coming...

Things we've had to pay this year:
-2 visits to the hospital to do stress tests on the baby
-Madi knocking her teeth out
-Mayli's cavities
-The birth of Juliet
-Emergency bill for Mayli's Seizure
-Ambulance bill for Mayli's Seizure
-Katelyn's glasses and eye appointment
-Check up after the baby
-Visit to Primary Children's for Juliet
-Visit to Primary Children's for Mayli
-2 Children with Reflux ($120 a month gets expensive!)
-Co-pays for the visits to the doctor for the kids because of sickness

Totaling more than $5000 out of pocket so far this year

(And I wonder why I feel like I have no money left from Mike's paycheck after all the bills are paid)

Doctor Bills coming up soon or possibly :
-Mayli is having surgery at Primary Children's on May 13th to remove a growth from under her eye. It is getting bigger and they need to remove it and send it in for testing.
-Took Juliet to the doctor yesterday...another ear infection...the doctor said that it isn't looking good and with how its been going, if it continues she will have to have tube surgery.

I'm not writing this to complain because we truly are blessed. We have insurance that has covered so much and we all are pretty healthy. But this is something I wanted to keep track of for myself and for posterity in our blog books I'll someday print off. I know we have so much to be thankful for and I know that everything happens for a reason and the Lord has a plan for us. So when the next bill comes I will have to remember this! :)


Celeste said...

HOLY NUTS! You guys are becoming regulars at the hospital. I had no idea about Mayli...I am a terrible sister! Keep us posted. You have such a wonderful attitude about it all!

Berry Family said...

Such a bummer! Being an adult with responsibilities of bills is so not fun. Luckily we have such great medical technology. It really is crazy how each year can differ so much! I hope all goes well with the up coming visits. LOVE the great attitude about it all! Such an awesome example.

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

you have such a positive attitude. You are so blessed. Keep us informed.

Carli said...

Wow. I hear you on the hospital bills. what was your grand total for Juliet? I am thinking ours will be well over $2,000 by the time we are done. ugh!

Krista Neil said...

Wowsers you sure have gotten a run-around this year, but you keep things in perspective, not sure how you do that :)