Monday, April 04, 2011

Such Girls!

Today this was my Facebook status:

Dede Clayton Wright finds it a little bit frightening that Katelyn-6, Mayli-5, and Madi-3 all seem to be having their 'time of the month' already and all at the same time! Katelyn is super emotional, Mayli is irritable and angry, Madi just melts down and cries over the silliest things. Oh what joys I'm in store for when they are all teenagers...eek!!! :)

Here is a little story of why...Katelyn just started crying yesterday. I asked her what was wrong, she said I miss you sometimes when I'm at school. Then she started sobbing and telling me how much she loved me and wanted to get Tangled and wanted to know if I could go to the store in the morning to buy it for her. She continued on saying that she wants to be Rapunzel and wanted to know why I didn't name her that.

Then Mayli jumps in yelling, no I'm Rapunzel! There can only be 1 Rapunzel and I'm her! I said there can be more than 1 Rapunzel and you can both pretend. Mayli then runs to her room screaming, no one ever understands me!

Later after scripture study Mayli was asked to pray and Madi had apparently really wanted to so she starts screaming and throws a fit for 10 minutes because she didn't get to say the prayer. I finally get her calmed down and we go to her room and Madi realizes she left her Dora pillow at Grandma Sherie's house! Meltdown #247 for the day! It was just one of those days I sat and laughed inside all day because if I laughed out loud that would start another snowball of emotions rolling!

They are such girls! There is a clip from Tangled that reminds me of how girls are. I have it below. I died laughing...thinking of my girls...and said oh she is such a girl. It makes me will be so fun when they are all teenagers. Lots of drama I'm sure! They are such a joy to Mike and I and we know there is a special reason Father in Heaven gave us each one of them and blessed us with 4 girls so close together. Enjoy the clip...she is such a girl!


Krista Neil said...

Ok, you must be the best mom ever, because that kind of "girl drama" at my house causes me to "melt down" sometimes. You go girl :)

Heidi Gail Richhart said...

watched that off your facebook page. So cute..

Celeste said...

Oh, my goodness...I can't stop laughing!!!! At least we will have each other. It's so funny cause Matt always says to the girls, "It's okay that you love your mom more...give me 10 years and I will be your favorite!" Heaven help us! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!