Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mayli's Surgery

Mayli had surgery up at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday. For about 2 years she has had this little red growth under her right eye. In just the past couple months it has started growing bigger so our pediatrician recommended we get it removed. He referred us to a plastic surgeon up at Primary's and we were able to get in quickly. Yesterday we went in at 9:45am.

Here is Mayli in the parking lot.
Here is May in the waiting room while we were waiting to register.
We got in and met with a nurse who made sure Mayli was all ready for surgery. Mayli got in her hospital gown and socks. She didn't like the socks but I told her she needed to wear them.
Here she is while we were waiting to go to pre-op.

Juliet got to come with us because she is so young and won't take a bottle. May liked having her there so she could give her lots of loves while we waited.
We got into the pre-op waiting room about 11:45am and they told us that they would come to get her about 1:00pm for the surgery. Mayli was such a trooper she hadn't been able to eat all morning and she wasn't complaining at all. Every kid that goes in for surgery can make a little buddy to take in with them. Mayli picked this one and got to draw her buddy.

At about 1:15pm they came and took her back for the surgery. She did great and went back without any problems. We waited about an hour and Mike was able to go back and see her. At about 2:30pm I was able to go back and see her. She was doing so great and enjoying watching her show and drinking her root beer slushy.

She got 2 stitches and she isn't in too much pain. Just Tylenol and Motrin for pain and that seems to work just fine. She was doing so great waking up that we were able to get discharged at about 3:30pm. She did awesome! They are sending the growth in for testing and we should hear back in the next week or so. She is feeling great today and running around and having fun.


michelle wright said...

glad everything went well!

Krista Neil said...

Wow, she did awesome! Keep us updated :)