Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Week of Projects

So last week was crazy I had lots of projects to get done. Here are some things that I did Tuesday-Friday:

Used my awesome new Cricut Cake to cut out vinyl for my mom

Then I made 65 magnets so my mom could put the vinyl and magnets on these

I made some of these pom poms to see if we could make them for my sisters wedding reception. Super easy and super cute!!!
We had a service auction for Relief Society and one of the services I said I would do was make a cake. The sister who won my service came over and asked if I could make the cake for her twin daughters' birthday. It turned out cute.

Then I had to make 5 dozen cookies for Mike's cousin's wedding reception.

I was also asked to make a slideshow of pictures for my sister's wedding so I've been scanning in pictures constantly.
I made 2 diaper cakes also and they turned out so cute! This was my 1st time and they are super easy to make too!

The last project was 4 dozen cupcakes for a funeral for a little baby girl who passed away in my ward. I finally finished everything late Friday night. I also had to wash clothes and pack for our 4 day trip to Montana, get the girls ready for their dance recital, keep the house clean, and all of my other daily duties. It was a crazy week and I'm glad it is over. Next week is wedding prep for my sister's wedding and then things should slow down a bit.


michelle wright said...

busy but talented lady! very impressive.

Krista Neil said...

My goodness, you are amazing :) You have four kids right?

ME said...

Looks busy! all your projects including the diaper cake. Can't wait to see how the reception area for mackenzie and jon's reception turns out.


fausetts6 said...

So wow, you put me to shame on so many levels.....I am crawling back in bed....just saying! You are so amazing!!! I am glad you are my sister!!!