Friday, November 25, 2011

Trip to San Antonio

We went down to San Antonio to go to our niece Kylie's baptism. We drove down there...crazy right? It is a 2 day drive but we had a good time. Here is some pictures from the fun vacation.

Here we are before crossing the Colorado state line.
Crossing into New Mexico
Finally to Texas! We had fun driving and got to stop in Roswell, NM the 1st night. It was so funny to see all the alien stuff they had. We also got to go to church on Sunday in Roswell. It was so wonderful. It was weird being a place we didn't know but as soon as I saw the church a peace came over me and it was wonderful to be able to step into a place of familiarity. It was so great.

We had so much fun while in Texas and got to spend Halloween there. Here are all our 8 girls all dressed up ready to go. They were all so cute!
Kate was a genie
Mayli was Tinkerbell
Madilyn was a fairy
Jewels was a little bunny
A pic of all 4 girls
Here is Juliet while we were trick-or-treating
Here are the bigger girls while we were trick-or-treating
We decided to go see The Alamo because Mike and the girls had never seen it. It was fun to and see the history there. We had a fun time looking at everything.
Here is Mike and the girls
The girls by a cannon
Mayli and Kate by the flags
Me and the girls in front of the Alamo
It is beautiful down there
We went to the duck pond later that evening and the kids had so much fun feeding the ducks.
Celeste and I took the girls to Minitown. They had so much fun!

Later in the week the rest of the family flew in and we had fun together. We went back to the duck pond and every one had a great time.

Here is a picture of us all. We were only missing Ryan, Hannah, and Evie. We had a great time and it was wonderful to go to Kylie's baptism. It was a fun vacation.


Heidi Gail Richhart said...

such fun!!! great pics... fun seeing you all.

Celeste said...

We had so much fun! :) So wonderful to see you. It always goes by so quickly. I love that Mayli has her hand over her heart standing by the flags. Love you and your wonderful family. Thanks for driving so long to come see us...hopefully we can do the same next summer when it's Kate's turn! :) Love you!