Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Dance Recital 2011

The girls had their Spring Dance Recital on May 21st. The girls looked so cute! We had to miss the actual recital but the girls did get to dress up for the dress rehearsal so we were able to see them dance. It wasn't the same as when they dance at the recital but they did a great job and it was so fun to be able to be apart of the dress rehearsal at least. We had to leave for Montana as soon as we were done.
Katelyn age 6 tap danced to "Rockin' Robin"
Mayli age 5 she danced to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Madilyn age 3 danced to "Never Smile at a Crocodile"

(I can't get Madilyn to sit still for more than a few seconds. This was as good as a picture as I could get.)

All three girls

They did a great job. Here is a short video of each of them. We didn't get the best videos because people were walking all over and talking. But they were so cute!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Week of Projects

So last week was crazy I had lots of projects to get done. Here are some things that I did Tuesday-Friday:

Used my awesome new Cricut Cake to cut out vinyl for my mom

Then I made 65 magnets so my mom could put the vinyl and magnets on these

I made some of these pom poms to see if we could make them for my sisters wedding reception. Super easy and super cute!!!
We had a service auction for Relief Society and one of the services I said I would do was make a cake. The sister who won my service came over and asked if I could make the cake for her twin daughters' birthday. It turned out cute.

Then I had to make 5 dozen cookies for Mike's cousin's wedding reception.

I was also asked to make a slideshow of pictures for my sister's wedding so I've been scanning in pictures constantly.
I made 2 diaper cakes also and they turned out so cute! This was my 1st time and they are super easy to make too!

The last project was 4 dozen cupcakes for a funeral for a little baby girl who passed away in my ward. I finally finished everything late Friday night. I also had to wash clothes and pack for our 4 day trip to Montana, get the girls ready for their dance recital, keep the house clean, and all of my other daily duties. It was a crazy week and I'm glad it is over. Next week is wedding prep for my sister's wedding and then things should slow down a bit.

I Love E-Meals

So about 2 months ago we signed up for a thing called e-meals. It is a full planned out meal plan and it has made my life extremely easier! I was getting so tired of cooking the same things over and over again. About 90% of the time I was cooking chicken for dinner. So it is extremely nice to have new ideas and great meals that are easy and so yummy. The other night I made this beauty for dinner:

It was so yummy and so easy!!! (Excuse the paper plate I was trying to minimize dishes that day) I absolutely love having a planned out meal plan with new recipes everyday!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mayli's Surgery

Mayli had surgery up at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday. For about 2 years she has had this little red growth under her right eye. In just the past couple months it has started growing bigger so our pediatrician recommended we get it removed. He referred us to a plastic surgeon up at Primary's and we were able to get in quickly. Yesterday we went in at 9:45am.

Here is Mayli in the parking lot.
Here is May in the waiting room while we were waiting to register.
We got in and met with a nurse who made sure Mayli was all ready for surgery. Mayli got in her hospital gown and socks. She didn't like the socks but I told her she needed to wear them.
Here she is while we were waiting to go to pre-op.

Juliet got to come with us because she is so young and won't take a bottle. May liked having her there so she could give her lots of loves while we waited.
We got into the pre-op waiting room about 11:45am and they told us that they would come to get her about 1:00pm for the surgery. Mayli was such a trooper she hadn't been able to eat all morning and she wasn't complaining at all. Every kid that goes in for surgery can make a little buddy to take in with them. Mayli picked this one and got to draw her buddy.

At about 1:15pm they came and took her back for the surgery. She did great and went back without any problems. We waited about an hour and Mike was able to go back and see her. At about 2:30pm I was able to go back and see her. She was doing so great and enjoying watching her show and drinking her root beer slushy.

She got 2 stitches and she isn't in too much pain. Just Tylenol and Motrin for pain and that seems to work just fine. She was doing so great waking up that we were able to get discharged at about 3:30pm. She did awesome! They are sending the growth in for testing and we should hear back in the next week or so. She is feeling great today and running around and having fun.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Juliet is 3 Months Old!

Juliet turned 3 months old on April 28, 2011. She is getting bigger everyday and we love having her in our family.

Stats for this month:
Weight: 12 pounds 4 oz
Height: 24 inches

New things this month:
She listened to her first General Conference, learned to sleep through the night, got in 1st car accident, Mike and I went out and left her home for a few hours, she started loving her binky, and she loves to smile.
Here is Juliet and Kate
Daddy and Jewels
Uncle Jonny and Juliet
Mayli and Juliet.
Juliet still doesn't like bathtime very much. But she usually is pretty content.
One of my favorite things she does is when I change her she looks up at this wall and smiles and coos. It is so cute! She loves it!
Isn't she so cute!!!!
She isn't a big fan of tummy time. But she will lay there at least for a few minutes.
She is starting to like toys a little bit and is always putting her hands in her mouth. She still loves her swing. And is content most of the time. She is starting to grow out of her 0-3 month clothes and is starting to fit into her 3-6 month clothes. She is getting so big! We love her so much!

Monday, May 02, 2011

I Love to See the Temple

I put the kids to bed tonight at 9pm. At 9:50pm Madilyn toddles her way out to the family room saying she is scared and needs a hug. Mike and I both give Madi a hug and Daddy takes her back to her room. At about 10:15pm she comes back out saying, "Mommy, I scared." I took her back to her room and suggested we say a prayer to make her feel better. We said a prayer and she seemed ok so I started leaving. She starts screaming asking if she can sleep with Katie because she is too scared to sleep in her own bed. I asked her why she was so scared and she started telling me about something that happened to Dora and how Dora was scared and now Madi was scared. I told her that is was just a show and it was nothing to be afraid of. She still wouldn't go to sleep and by this time had woken up both Katelyn and Mayli. I decided to take her out of the room to see if I could calm her down. She kept telling me she was so scared because of this Dora thing so I told her instead of thinking of the scary thing to think of things that made her happy. I asked her, "what makes you happy Madi?" And without hesitation she began singing...."I love to see the temple I'm going there someday to feel the holy spirit to listen and to pray. For the temple is a house of God of place of love and beauty. I'll prepare myself while I am young this is my sacred duty." (With a little help from Mommy but she did know most of the words). She then said ok Mom I'm not scared anymore I'm happy! I asked her if she could go to bed now and she said yes I'm not scared...I love to see the temple! And off to bed she went without any problems.
Well Madi I also love to see the temple and it makes me happy too! How I love my young children and their amazing faith and the joy that they have because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So next time I'm 'scared' or having a bad day...maybe I just need to remember "I love to see the temple" and all will be well.